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If we have trouble with life

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About social security

1.With livelihood protection system

  During our life, life gets hard for various circumstances and becomes sometimes helpless. It is system of social security that help to live a life by their power as soon as possible while guaranteeing minimum life depending on such situation and degree that are not sometimes appreciated. When we cooperate in the whole family and cannot live a life such as next in oneself even if we make every effort, we can be on welfare.

  • (1) Working person, please work depending on ability.
  • (2) Thing that possession is not accepted with assets (land, house, car, noble metal, deposits and savings, life insurance) in your household disposes of sale, and please expose to cost of living.
  • (3) When support is received by parent, child, siblings, at first please receive the support. In addition, person who became single-parent home by divorces, please make an effort so that the expenses of bringing up children are received.
  • (4) If there is thing received in pension and various other laws and systems including allowance, please receive all.

2.Structure of social security

We compare the minimum cost of living of each month that we calculated and all incomes of your household, and, as for the social security, protection is received about the share that there is few based on the number of people or age of family (all the people living in the same house) of your household by standard that the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare established when there are fewer incomes of household than cost of living at least. In addition, as a general rule, protection will be applied by household unit not personal unit.

○When protection is received

The minimum cost of living
All incomes of household Protection costs

Because there are fewer incomes than the minimum cost of living, protection is received only in the deficit. In addition, in the case of incomes that we work and got, constant subtraction is accepted from income.

○When protection is not received

The minimum cost of living
All incomes of household

Because there are more incomes than the minimum cost of living, protection is not received.

3.Procedure of social security

(1) Consultation
  When it is talked about social security, please come to Health and Welfare Center Public Welfare Division Public Welfare Section. Member of interview asks about domestic circumstances and the situation that is not appreciated and explains business to be under the protection. As you certainly keep secret about contents which you asked about in interview, please tell in peace.
(2) Application
  Person who can apply for social security becomes the person or relative of living together or person of duty of supporting.
(3) Investigation
  When procedure of application is over, we do investigation necessary that the person in charge of Health and Welfare Center visits your homes and decides protection. In addition, we inquire of bank and life insurer, duty of supporting person as needed and investigate whether you meet business to be under the protection.
(4) Decision
  Your household determines whether it is on welfare and informs that investigation is over by document (protection decision letter of advice). I am to send protection decision letter of advice within 14 days after principle included application, but decision ask Health and Welfare Center directly when it may not be revealed about late case and decision contents notified of.
When we cannot understand decision of Health and Welfare Center, we can demand examination for Governor of Kanagawa. (protest means this. But person of the foreign family register cannot make this statement.)

4.About local welfare officer

  In area where you live in, we give person whom life is troubling advice, and there is local welfare officer mediating between with Health and Welfare Center. As you cannot tell consultation content to other people, please talk in peace if there are embarrassing thing, troubled thing.

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