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Child care support of nursery school

Let's go out to child care open space - Center for Early Childhood Education and Care, nursery school to play! ...

★With child care open space
 In Center for Early Childhood Education and Care, nursery school of Yokohama-shi, we work on local child care support utilized facility and human resources of garden as "child care open space". We throw garden open so that protector and children doing child care in area can spend happily and hold child care course or interchange childcare. We talk with mother during child care, and the making of friend is possible, too.

★Business operation facility 
 There are permanent facility (more than three days a week open) and other facilities (all the public garden of Yokohama-shi except permanent construction and some Centers for Early Childhood Education and Care, private nursery schools).

 As business operation day and time vary according to facilities, please refer to facility which wants to be used directly.

 ☆Private permanent construction garden in Kanazawa Ward
  * Mica nursery school (to HP of garden)
  * Blue sky Yatsu nursery school (to HP of garden)

  ☆Public permanent construction garden in Kanazawa Ward
    * Kanazawa cherry tree nursery school Ohisama open space communication December, January issue (Portable Document Format: 616KB)

 Other than permanent construction garden, permanent construction garden lists (to HP of Child and Youth Bureau)

★Target person
 Preschool children and the rearer
  (in fact elementary school student and the protector doing living-in-garden in Center for Early Childhood Education and Care, nursery school do not have.)

Child care support of public nursery school

In public nursery school of Kanazawa Ward, we perform various child care support including child-care consultation service, garden opening, interchange childcare, child care course. As nursery school supports child care, please use casually.
Inquiry to each garden, application wait between from 9:30 to 16:00 of from Monday to Friday.

☆Facility opening
 We leave garden and pool, a part of the nersery room open to parent and child during child care in area. We play with children of nursery school in facility and can plan interchange between protectors.

☆Child-care consultation service
 We accept consultation about child care. Please use casually without being troubled alone.
* We accept consultation over telephone again even if he/she comes directly.
* As consultation days are different, please be careful every nursery school.

☆Child care course
 While every themes such as lecture form and interchange childcare form, experience-based form make use of characteristic of each garden, we hold plain course happily.

☆Interchange childcare
 While children of nursery school play with local child together, we plan interchange.
 It becomes participation in parent and child.

* Schedule, detailed content (Portable Document Format: 492KB)

☆Experience-based school lunch
* Schedule, detailed content (Portable Document Format: 137KB)

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