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Baby, child, home


To one that became pregnant

It is mother and child health handbook and parents classroom, information for health consultation of expectant mothers.

Child care support

Health of infants
It is Check ups for Infants and Toddlers, information for infants dentistry consultation
Vaccinations (to page of Health and Social Welfare Bureau)
It is information for Vaccinations of child
Child-care consultation service
Consultation about children from the infants period to puberty
Child care support in area
It faces each other toward the child care average and performs various child-care consultation services.
Nursery school, child-care facility
Introduction and application for child-care facility methods in Kanazawa Ward
Child care support of nursery school
About child care support carrying out in nursery school.
Offers such as the child care-related staff
Such as childcare or cooking in the staff about child care support and municipal nursery school in Kanazawa Ward recruit part-time job, the part-time service staff. Part-time job, please feel free to contact in reception desk, one registering at any time.
Child Allowance
For family bringing up elementary school student until before junior high school completion, we give economical support.
Area child care support base
We perform place to stay of parent and child and offer of child care information, consultation of child care.
Kanazawa Ward healthy child care liaison meeting
We perform talks that child grows up in good health and that rearer feels relieved and can do child care.
Business trip childcare event in commercial facilities
Nursery staff of nursery school goes on a business trip to commercial facilities in ward and we take care of our baby and support.
Station of baby
Child-care facility in Kanazawa Ward is available to people during child care as place of the nursing and diaper substitute!

The furtherance of medical expenses

Subsidies for Medical Expenses for Pediatric Treatment (to page of Health and Social Welfare Bureau)
When child joining employee health insurance had a medical examination to medical institution for disease and injury, we support co-payment of medical service under health insurance.
Medical care benefits system
We pay medical expenses of baby who was born with child having chronic disease and physical growth being unripe.

Support to single-parent home

Child Raising Allowance, loan of mother and the child widow welfare fund, the medical expenses furtherance

Support of child with obstacle

Notebook, Special Child Dependent's Allowance of love, child care support map

The making of place to stay after school

After school kids club, After-School Care Program Clubs, hama child contact school (after school elementary school student upbringing business)

Information about other child care

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