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National Health Insurance


  • About simultaneous update of nation health insurance card 

 We perform simultaneous update of identification of National Health Insurance person insured (health insurance card).

 We send new health insurance card by the end of September.

 We mail by "simple registered mail" surely to send to person insured.

 In the case of absence, receive at the time of delivery from post office; about method of "mail custody news" is mailed. I would like procedure according to guidance.

 When it is past storage period (seven days) at post office, we keep health insurance card at ward office.

 We mail by simple registered mail again if we can have telephone on Kanazawa Ward Insurance and Pension Division (045-788-7835) when health insurance card is sent back to ward office.
 We bring (thing in expiration date) such as certificates belonging to photograph of the face which public institutions such as health insurance card, driver's license before update, my number card, passport issued, and same household hands to Kanazawa Ward Insurance and Pension Division (the second-floor 202 window) in resident certificate only for return reason to ward office "is out of safekeeping period" at window if we can come over. When case and same household without the presentation of documents which mentioned above cannot come over, they mail by simple registered mail again.

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