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Promotion of 1 community-based welfare health

  1. Community-based welfare health promotion business (community-based welfare health pipelaying)
  2. Administration of community-based welfare health promotion meeting

Management administration of 2 welfare institutions

1 Community care plaza management administration
  ・We run nine places in ward in designated management system
  ・It is New about the designated manager choice

2 Kanazawa Ward welfare health practice base management administration
  ・We run in one place of designation management system in ward
  ・The location: It is the second floor of center Kanazawa Deiki, Kanazawa-ku 1-21-5 lively
  ・Designated manager: Social welfare corporation Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-shi Council of Social Welfare
  About the designated manager choice

We entrust 3 kinsawakufuku*ho volunteers with headquarters management administration
  ・One place in ward
  ・The location: (Kamariya 7-19-28)
  ・Trustee: The use of headquarters management governing boards such as Kanazawa Ward welfare health volunteers

3 and others

1.Support of welfare health affiliate
2.Training acceptance, survey by students
3.Medical relief corps activity support
  It is organized in doctor registered beforehand, nursing job, pharmacist, members of duties adjustment (staff of city) in around five one team with medical relief corps. At the time of disaster occurrence, we put patrol medical treatment and fixed point medical treatment in area where damage is heavy together at refuges such as evacuation shelter and carry out first aid treatment to person of slight illness mainly.
 Kanazawa Ward recruits nursing jobs that can support medical relief activities at the time of disaster as medical relief corps.

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