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For Foreign Residents (easy 英語)

News (news)

About new residence management system from (aratanazairyukanriseidonitsuite) July, 2012. [to page of Ministry of Justice Immigration Bureau (homushonyukokukanrikyoku)]

Public information (one to ask for) yokohama of monthly (gekkan)

It is (PDF186KB) (kodomonotamenonihongokyoshitsu "kamomekyoshitsu") 英語 classroom "gull classroom" for child

英語 classroom (nihongokyoshitsu) (PDF390KB)

Kanazawa Ward government office (kanazawakuyakusho)

[attention (chui)] kuyakushonomadoguchinouketsukegaowarujikanga 15 feces became fast

It becomes by subetenokuyakushonomadoguchigaowarujikanga 17:00.

  • Address (jusho) zip code (zip code) 236-0021  
    2-9-1, Deiki, Kanazawa-ku (kanazawakudeiki 2-9-1)
  • Open agency time (we buy and grow and feel)
    From Monday to Friday (getsuyobi - kinyobi): From 8:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (gozen 8 ji 45 feces ... 5 ji)
  • Window guidance (window complaint guidance)
  • In moving (kanazawakuhenohikkoshi), Kanazawa Ward (kanazawaku) to Kanazawa Ward to person from house (do) mu (person)
  • To person from mareru which childbirth child care (shussankosodate), red (dirt) produces (u) (person) children (come) to iku (soda) teteiru person (person)
  • There is custody (azu) beam in small (chii) sana children (come) nursery school entrance guidance (hoikushonyushoannai) (PDF 100KB) * (hatara) while is (aida); to person (person)Vietnamese)Tagalog)

Guide (yokohamakurashino guide) of Yokohama living


Emergency, disaster (kinkyu, saigai)


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Telephone: 045-788-7723 fax: 045-784-9580
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