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Activity commendation commendation ceremony that is kind to the second Kanazawa Ward environment

Activity commendation that is kind to the second Kanazawa Ward environment

We carried out activity commendation commendation ceremony that was kind to the second Kanazawa Ward environment!

 On Saturday, July 18, 2015, we carried out commendation ceremony in "environmental city of the future Yokohama kanazawa forum". It commended person of 5 following groups this year. We expect more development of activity in the future of commended all of you.

 With activity commendation that is kind to Kanazawa Ward environment…
  It is intended that we contribute to promotion of beautiful town Kanazawa who plans more development of the activity because result that is like pioneer example carried out in ward and is remarkable commends for eco-friendly activity that there was, and opens consciousness and activity to more ward inhabitants, and is eco-friendly.

List of prize winners

General manager Prize  Meeting which gets close to oldness and chamberlain River
Around chamberlain abandonment area, we do the making of river (monthly cleaning) so that various creatures are easy to live including killifish and investigate. In addition, we focus on experience-based activity (spring gathering young herbs, vegetable dish, goby fishing) of child to bring up person who is active in the next generation. 
Deputy general manager Prize    
Kanazawa, Yokohama-shi housing complex cooperative
We started activity to sweep away illegal dumping in Torihama industrial area. We carry out road beautification activity to establish flower bed along 180 places of roadside trees of approximately 1km according to bus in housing complex, and to "mend environment where garbage is not thrown away by flower". In addition, we set up project Committee to improve environmental problem in industrial area and are doing diagnostication, improvement about environmental problem to have in each the industrial area area.
Deputy general manager Prize Hiroshi Park protection society in Nokendai 
G, Mimosa
We care for monthly regular activity and flower bed of Hiroshi Park in large Nokendai of area in neighborhood park. In addition, we make flower arrangement from 1998 and are doing present shitariya, the name investigation and the making of tree name board of tree in time for composite learning of Nokendai Elementary School.
Prize for encouragement Yokohama City University environment volunteer 
Step Up↑
We perform collection of re-repacking (reusable plastic container) in campus or beach clean activity in park of the sea under the concept "that we think about imminent environmental activity that student can do and carry out". In late years, in connection with university, we hold explanation about environment for new pupil and event of energy saving enlightenment.
Prize for encouragement
Wound sum surveying konsarutantsu   
We put company in front of Nokendai Station and usually participate in local activity positively. In the case of heavy snow, more than 30 employees performed the snow-removal work and improved traffic condition. In addition, in cooperation with Neighborhood Associations, we carry out patrol of accumulation place around the station and cleaning activity of the station square and participate in local disaster drill.

Activity contents of prize winner are this

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≪State on the day of the commendation ceremony≫
 Group photo

Commendation ceremony

Commendation ceremony

Commendation ceremony


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