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2013 "eco-friendly beautiful town Kanazawa" promotion business headquarters meeting

We held promotion business headquarters meeting in 2013

 We held promotion business headquarters meeting at Kanazawa Ward government office in 2013 on Wednesday, June 5, 2013 and attended at representative of 27 groups in ward and environment business promotion committees.
 We held information sharing about approaches such as warming measures and garbage reduction, beautification of town carried out in ward.

                      ▲State of meeting

 ≪Main contents≫
   ・Yokohama green valley design
   ・Yokohama 3R dream (slim) plan
   ・Approach in Kanazawa Ward government office
   ・Approach introductions such as company, group
     Hakkeijima, Yokohama
     ia corporation
     Kanazawa, Yokohama-shi housing complex cooperative
     Yokohama-shi resources recycling business cooperative association
     Tokyo Electric Power Company, Incorporated Yokohama Branch


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