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Energy monitor was born in ward office!

We installed "monitor" who introduced energy-saving approach at Kanazawa Ward government office in the first floor of the ward office stand side (March, 2013).
We know the electric consumption in real time, and, "energy monitoring" and "high efficiency lightener wrestling at ward office," "use of solar heat system" can know reduction effects of CO2.
When you come to ward office, please see by all means!

It is introduction of screen (partly)

  • We understand the electricity usage situation of 4 facilities (Kanazawa Ward synthesis Government building, Kanazawa sports center, Mutsuura district center, community care plaza, Tomioka row of trees district center) in ward in real time.



  • It is introduction of "demand system" of 4 facilities. (when electricity consumption exceeds target value by demand system, warning email reaches each facility)



  • It is introduction of high efficiency lighting



  • It is introduction of solar streetlight.



  • It is introduction of use of solar heat system.



  • It is introduction of *netsutoryo.


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