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What is green curtain? How to make, how to raise green curtains

What is green curtain?

Green curtain (Kamariyanishi Elementary School)  From 2008, we carry out "green curtain business" as part of heat island measures in Kanazawa Ward.

With green curtain, we bring up morning glory and bitter gourd, crane-related plant including cucumber outside window and make. The room can spend entering wind comfortably coolly to shut out direct rays of the sun, and to suppress rise in room temperature, and to serve to release moisture from leaf to plant. By reduction of CO2 caused by photosynthesis and indoor temperature drop, it leads to air conditioner restraint and suppresses temperature rise. <effect of green curtain>

It spreads in inhabitant of a ward, nursery school, elementary school and, in Kanazawa Ward, enlightens other than green curtain in ward Government building.

Does everybody not bring up green curtain, too?

How to make, how to raise green curtains

We prepare

Kind or seedling   Please purchase plant of string department suitable for green curtain. Bitter gourd, morning glory, sponge gourd, gourd.
 SAT  Beginner will purchase soil for vegetables selling to marketing.
 Manure  We use as manure for additional fertilizing. We make additional fertilizing 3-4 weeks after plantation and make additional fertilizing regularly afterwards.
 Weight  Place that is strong in wind will do weight using bricks so that net and planter do not move.
 Prop  When there is not place linking net, it is necessary.
 Net  Stock size is the 10cm corner. Net for gardening of green and transparence is sold.
 Planter  As vegetables such as bitter gourds feel stiff in root, thing of deep model is suitable.

Plant suitable for green curtain

  Gourd  Balloon number and others   Bitter gourd    Morning glory  Sponge gourd

  Gourd          Balloon number and others        Bitter gourd                Morning glory              Sponge gourd



Preparations for kind

Seeds of bitter gourd   Seeds of bitter gourd (nail clippers trace)

We cut sharp part of kind with nail clippers to make it easy to germinate. Let's be careful not to cut green part of the inside. After having cut, we soak species in water overnight.

  Seeds of bitter gourd which we put in the small dish         Pot     

We put in water dehitahitanishita small dishes and wait for germination. White bud comes out when we do for 3-4 days. Kind lowers white bud and plants and covers with soil afterwards. When we put pot in house and we hang newspaper and plastic cap and keep warm, it becomes easy to germinate.

   Bitter gourd which we put on pot  Bitter gourd in pot

It germinates when we do for approximately one week. 25 degrees Celsius - 30 degrees Celsius become germination right temperature. If leaf becomes 2-3 pieces, we cut vulgar thing.


  Plantation of seedling   Plantation of seedling

If leaf becomes 4-5 pieces, we plant to planter. We separate 30-40cm and plant quietly not to destroy soil of the root.

We put net

We put net

Inducement of string

Inducement of string  Inducement of string  Inducement of string

If leaf becomes 6-7 pieces to do like curtain more, we cut bud of pro-zuruno ahead. We induce small zuru, pro-zuruo aside and stop with tape in net lightly.

Green curtain completion!

 Green curtain Preparations for seedling Bitter gourd Green curtain and elementary school student Green curtain   

Leaves quite grow thick into a curtain form from seeding in from two months to two and a half months and will become able to enjoy the first gain.



Effect of green curtain

The measurement that infrared radiation thermometer depends on

Infrared radiation thermometer is thermometer which can take surface temperature without touching object.

We catch infrared ray emitted by object and convert into temperature and display surface temperature.

We measured temperature using infrared radiation thermometer to measure effect of green curtain.

[measurement day: on Wednesday, September 17, 2008 weather on the day: fine weather maximum temperature: 28 degrees Celsius minimum temperature: 21 degrees Celsius]

 Infrared radiation thermometer   Green curtain   The measurement of infrared radiation thermometer

Measurement scenery of elementary school student in elementary school

 Time  11:00 measurement 14:00 measurement 
 Floor that does not become light of green curtain  42 degrees Celsius  48 degrees Celsius
 Floor that becomes light with green curtain  28 degrees Celsius  28 degrees Celsius
 Face of green curtain  24 degrees Celsius  25 degrees Celsius

On floor with green curtain and few floor, it was found that there was temperature difference more than 14 degrees Celsius.


The measurement by infrared thermography

We measured difference in temperature using infrared thermography in elementary school in ward on August 12, 2008. 

We detect infrared radiant energy going out of object and convert into surface temperature, and infrared thermography is device that raster display does temperature distribution.         

As a result, temperature of curtain which was greener than the maximum temperature was found to have low 8 degrees Celsius.

Infrared thermography

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