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Curtain business of 2009 Kanazawa Ward general Government building green

Curtain business of 2009 Kanazawa Ward general Government building green

 In 2009, we carried out "green curtain" by collaboration with inhabitant of a ward and the staff in Kanazawa Ward synthesis Government building.
In this page, we introduce state of activity of inhabitant of a ward "green supporter" who carried out curtain of ward Government building green.

We planted seedling with everybodies of "green supporter" on May 16, 2009

State of seedling plantation  Inhabitant of a ward who had you gather by open call for participants of public information ward version April issue on May 16, 2009
With all of you of "green supporter" seedling (with bitter gourd of curtain of ward Government building green
We planted cucumber).

On the day after having had take cultivation course of green curtain, is practice ... promptly.
We had you plant small seedling approximately 30 centimeters from 20 centimeters carefully one by one.
Expectation swells out saying it is saying "you should be able to do it this year because wonderful curtain was completed last year".


June 12, 2009, state of carrying out an activity congruent green supporter and state of seedling

<the "green supporter" combination work day second>

State on work day joint on June 12  Following May 26, it is state on joint work day with everybody of the second "green supporter".  
On the day we performed inducement of string or sloppy weeding, disinfectant work.

 After work, supporters brings up at home
Stories of state of green curtain and the crops which we brought up so far made ... talk excited, and it was in fun liaison meeting.


On July 6, 2009, we gave manure.

On Monday, July 6, we gave small room of green curtain of the ward Government building south side and courtyard green manure.

  • Method of manure dispersion, kind of manure 

To green curtain of ward Government building, nitrogen, phosphoric acid, potassium is 6:4: We gave compound fertilizer included in with 3. Soil has features that nutrition is absorbed slowly when we sprinkle this manure on the soil (please refer to the following for effect every ingredient).

 Fertilization method

We separated compound fertilizer from seedling and gave to sprinkle from the top.

 After south side fertilization

The top is photograph after having given planter of the Government building south side manure.
There is white granular line toward you, but this is manure.
Because planter of the south side has size,
We gave manure to form a line in front and behind planter.

 It is before courtyard planter fertilization

[before courtyard, fertilization]
Upper photograph is planter (before dosage of manure) of courtyard.
We avoided part of seedling and gave manure for handful.                


 Manure which we fertilized

[after courtyard, the fertilization]
Upper photograph is planter (after the manure dosage) of courtyard.
It is incomprehensible in photograph, but white granular thing is manure.


  • About manure to use at home 

We mix organic fertilizer which polishes, and was called juice of cow dung, fowl droppings, seedcake, rice with soil and give. You seem to give to be absorbed slowly when we use compound fertilizer such as manure which we used at ward office as if seedling telling, and sprinkling on the soil. But, about how to give compound fertilizer, please obey the instructions (in garden centers, fertilizer mixed for green curtains is sold).

  • About timing to give manure 

We think that manure should give when seedling does not have spirit. One of the indications to ascertain whether seedling does not have spirit includes direction of flower. If flower turns to bottom from just beside and blooms, please give manure (but of rice even if you polish and give organic fertilizer which is not strong of ingredient such as juice and seedcake regularly, you do not have any problem). When compound fertilizer gives too much, we raise "bake fertilizer". If such a symptom is seen, please stop giving manure once.

  • Instructions in the rainy season 

The next term of the rainy season is time when ill leaf is easy to appear. You observe color of leaf, and please be eliminated about leaf with problem.

  • [reference] Effect of manure

Kind (ingredient) of manure



Growth stimulation of leaf

Phosphoric acid, potassium

We make o of flower, fruit belonging to better


Growth stimulation of crane

State of carrying out an activity congruent July 20, 2009, green supporter

<the "green supporter" combination work day third>

 Because joint work day on July 6 was called off because of stormy weather, this time is joint work day with everybody of the third "green supporter".  
There was only everybody who had you practice green curtain at home, and talks that were active in liaison meeting before work start were performed.
We were able to ask a lot about story of way and pest of manure or valuable story based on past experience and knowledge including sterilization method of soil after autumn.

State 1 of carrying out an activity congruent July 20



After information exchange party, we worked on maintenance with everybody.
It looks like one made the next agency was surprised on seeing seedling which greatly grew up after a long absence.



State 1 of carrying out an activity congruent July 20


We observed state of seedling and did work such as the removal or knob collecting of weed of dead leaf.


It was fine and was work of the hot height, but had everybody wrestle very eagerly.


Cucumber which we harvested on July 20


It is cucumber harvested today almost result of work.
We decided to have supporters try at mine that we took away, home.


On September 18, 2009, we were active in green curtain presentation and reported

 In "green curtain presentation that we held at Kanazawa Ward government office on Friday, September 18," we announced state of activity of "green supporter".
As for the state of briefing session, please see this page. We link to state page of green curtain presentation

State of green curtain growth

We record growth process of green curtain of ward synthesis Government building in photograph.
Look at one with interest by all means. We link to state page of green curtain growth

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