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2017 Kanazawa Ward road race and primary schoolchild relay road race meeting

We hold Kanazawa Ward 47th road race meet, the 27th primary schoolchild relay road race meeting!

The holding date and time: February 11, 2018 (celebration, day) 8:30 a.m. ...
        Rainy weather decisive action (in the case of stormy weather, we may cancel. 6:00 a.m. decision on that day.)

Venue: Park of the sea and Hakkeijima
◆About details and participation application method, please confirm held essential point (application). ※Held essential point (PDF: 566KB) (application acceptance was finished.)
 ・Held essential point (application) arranges in Kanazawa Ward government office, Kanazawa sports center, each the ward district center.
 ・As application period and application method vary according to road race, relay road race, please confirm held essential point (application).
   You download Adobe Reader® (free) to look at PDF document, and you install, and please use.

Item Application method, reception desk period  Participation qualification 
Relay road race Postcard
  ... Friday, November 17   It was finished.
Of residence, attendance at school in Kanazawa Ward, living-in-team
We organize one team in "primary schoolchildren who are higher than fourth grader"
Road race Postal transfer
 ... Thursday, November 30
It was finished.
The Internet
  ... Tuesday, December 12
Internet application (to site of SPORTS ENTRY)
It was finished.
Of Kanazawa Ward residence, working, attendance at school
One in more than fourth grader in health without problem
(person who can run the whole distance about 10km item within 70 minutes)
  • Yokohama marathon challenge frame (plan)

We give the start right of Yokohama marathon 2018 (item: full marathon) held on Sunday, October 28, 2018 to ten people from participation applicant of 10km of general part by lot. (participation fee is self-pay attention.)
※For more information about entry method, participation qualifications, please confirm held essential point (application).
※About grant of Yokohama marathon challenge frame to this meeting, it is decided formally after January, 2018.

State of last time meeting☆

While runner more than 1,300 felt the sea breeze, the last meeting (February 11, 2017 [celebration, soil]) ran through park and Hakkeijima of the sea. We can confirm order, record to stop by according to item on the day in the next outside site.
 ◆ Road race meet: The techno net road race Information Board (outside site)

 ◆ Relay road race meeting: The techno net road race Information Board (outside site)

  • It is awaiting acceptance with all, postcard of runner.


  •  Opening ceremony began at 8:30.


  • We prepare well and do gymnastics and start! Children who came for support participated together.


  • Part (600 number of the applicants) of road race primary schoolchild




  • Primary schoolchild relay road race (the number of the application teams: boy 24 teams, girl 19 teams)



  • Road race 3.1km, 5km, 10km (270 number of the applicants junior high students, public 391)


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