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We hold classroom (February 25) made with seaweed!

Classroom made with seaweed

Scenery of classroom made with dried laver which we carried out last time
Scenery of classroom made with dried laver
 Until about 1975, the shores from Tomioka of the sea of Kanazawa to Nojima were "nurseries (yoshokujo) to produce in large quantities" with seaweed (seaweed).
 When * (u) me ritsu tega of shoreline began, this seaweed was not able to do cultured production, too.
 For approximately 20 years, production of seaweed began to be restarted at the shore of the north side of Nojima, and seaweed from Kanazawa revived afterwards.
 We planned the making of dried laver by old method as raw materials with this raw (raw) seaweed from Kanazawa.
 Apply for those who wish to participate by the following method.
Offer essential point
<we closed application>
Date From Sunday, February 25, 2018 10:00 a.m. to about 3:00 p.m.
Meeting: 9:45 a.m.
On the day, at the time of rainy weather, we postpone on Sunday, March 4.
Place Nojima young people training center, Nojimakoen
Object The small, junior high student of residence, attendance at school in Kanazawa Ward and protector
The offer staff 50 (first-come-first-served basis)
Entrance fee Free (we offer hot miso soup to participant in lunch.)
Belonging Lunch lunch, drink, towel, slippers (inner wear), writing utensils
<we closed>
Write as "classroom made with seaweed" for double postal card or e-mail,
Address, full name, phone number, school year, protector full name, having protector participation or not
Apply for this after filling out.
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Sponsorship: Kanazawa Ward government office plan, administration: Executive committee made with seaweed

The cosponsorship: Association Nojimakoen office of Midori, Yokohama-shi

Cooperation (random order): NPO corporation Yokohama Kanazawa lyceum, association of NPO corporation Yokohama Kanazawa city guide, meeting protecting nature and historic spot of the Kanazawa eight beauty spots, Girl Scouts Kanagawa 53rd corps, Yokohama Kanazawa tourist association

Scenery of Koshiba naturally drying seaweed by sunlight
Scenery of Koshiba naturally drying seaweed by sunlight. In the terrace of Koshiba, this scenery was charming sights.
(the 30, Showa generation)

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