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List of the 43rd Kanazawa Festival supporting company, groups

It is big mouth supporting company, all of groups who had you support.
Thank you very much.

Company group name URL concerned
Aida Engineering, Ltd. strike http://www.idust.co.jp/
apita Kanazawabunko specialty store society http://www.apita-kanazawabunko.com/
Abe encouragement of new industry http://www.abe-kogyo.com/
That Yokohama shopping center with ion bi http://viale-seaside.sakura.ne.jp/
Info lounge combination company http://info-lounge.jp/
Ugo plating  
kokosei http://www.edosei.co.jp/
OK row of trees shop  
Care net plaza (rental Kajita) http://www.kaigonet.biz/
(public corporation) Southern part of Kanagawa association of residential land building business Yokohama Branch http://www.kanagawa-takken.or.jp/
Kanagawa fishing boat business cooperative http://www.kanaturi.jp/
(public interest incorporated foundation) Association of Kanagawa preventive medicine http://www.yobouigaku-kanagawa.or.jp/
Kanazawa machine metal housing complex cooperative http://www.navida.ne.jp/snavi/3338_1.html
(no company) Master of Kanazawa Ward three society http: //3shikai.org/
Kanazawa Ward mall alliance society http://www.kanazawa-shoren.sakura.ne.jp/
Association of Kanazawa Ward Neighborhood Associations society http://www.kanazawa-chikurengo.jp/
(*hi) Kanazawa inhabitant of a ward collaboration support association https://officekanazawa.org/
Association of Kanazawa road safety  
1, Sachiura, Kanazawa friendship society  
Kanazawa Commercial Development that Yokohama bi http://www5a.biglobe.ne.jp/~viale/
Kanazawa engineering works building society  
Business cooperative association Kanazawahakkei Kyoueikai  
Kanazawabunko lily of the valley street Store Association  
Kanazawa seaside service http://www.kanazawarinkaisv.co.jp/
(study) Kanto Gakuin http://www.kanto-gakuin.ac.jp
(medicine company) Miki rehabilitation Hospital that is kyotomokaiyokohama http://www.ynrh.jp/
Kyowa alloy http://www.kyowagokin.co.jp/
Giraffe generic technology research institute http://www.kirinholdings.co.jp/
Kyn say food http://www.kinsei-s.com/
Keihin Electric Express ad enterprise  
(study) Keihin Electric Express school Keihin Electric Express kindergarten http://www.keikyu-school.ed.jp/
Keikyu Travel Service  
Keikyu Construction Corp. http://www.keikyu-const.jp/
Keikyu Service http://www.keikyu-service.co.jp/
Keihin Electric Express station commerce http://www.keikyu-sc.com/
Keihin Electric Express store http://www.keikyu-store.co.jp/
Keihin Electric Express how-to  
Keikyu Department Store http://www.keikyu-depart.com/index01.html
Keihin Electric Express Fine technical center http://www.keikyu-ftec.co.jp/
Keihin Electric Express foodservice  
Keihin Electric Express real estate http://www.keikyu-sumai.com/
Keihin Electric Express memorial  
(medicine company) View green society Kanazawa Hospital group http://www.keisuikai.or.jp/
Keihin Electric Express Railway Co.,Ltd. http://www.keikyu.co.jp/
Keihin Electric Express bus  
Kotobuki plan http://www.kotobuki-kikaku.co.jp
Three industry  
Sanyo print http://www.sanyoprint.co.jp/
Sanyo mill  
JA Yokohama Kanazawa Branch, Kanazawabunko Branch  
JNC Yokohama Institute http://www.jnc-corp.co.jp/rd/labo/yokohama.html
J-COM south Yokohama  
Car maintenance Isogo Kanazawa Branch  
Shonan intermediation center    
Mao industry http://sin-act.com/
Shinty guard http://shintei.co.jp
Sugita golf course http://www.princehotels.co.jp/golf/sugita/
Synthesis vehicle mill http://www.j-trec.co.jp/
Diamond industry  
Takada Industry Kanazawa factory  
TAKANO industry  
DUNLOP SPORTS wellness  
Sightseeing in Chitose ground aqua http://www.p-world.co.jp/kanagawa/grand-aqua.htm
Techno industry  
TelWel East Japan Corp. Kanagawa Branch http://www.telwel-east.co.jp/
Tomijima Unyu http://www.tomijima-unyu .com
toyotametorojikku http://www.toyota-metl.co.jp/
Toyohama transportation  
NHK SPRING (NHK Spring Co.,Ltd.) http://www.nhkspg.co.jp/
Japan Steel Works, Ltd. Yokohama mill http://www.jsw.co.jp/
Japanese Red Cross Society Kanazawa Ward district committee http://www.kanagawa.jrc.or.jp/volunteer/person/disaster.php
Institute for Japan Tobacco Inc. medicine search http://www.jti.co.jp/
Japan Aircraft Mfg. Co.,Ltd. http://www.nippi.co.jp/
Japan Post Yokohama Kanazawa post office http://www.post.japanpost.jp/
Japan Post Mutsuura, Yokohama River post office http://www.post.japanpost.jp/
Hattori car maintenance factory  
Hattori sheet metal industry http://www.hattori-bk.co.jp/
Hamasaki Kensetsu Kogyo  
Hitachi, Ltd. Yokohama branch office  
Fujimori Engineering Co.,Ltd. Yokohama office http://www.zacros.co.jp/
Funatsu industry http://www.funadu.co.jp/
Maeda Corporation  
Mikami metal  
Mitsui Outlet Park Yokohama bay side http://www.31op.com/yokohama
Mick Corporation http://www.miccorporation.com/
YAMAKI http://yamaki-tech.co.jp/
Yamaguchi architecture office  
Uny Co.,Ltd. apita Kanazawabunko store http://www.uny.co.jp/shop/185/
Yokohama artist   http://www.y-artist.co.jp/
Yokohama event commerce cooperative  
Yokohama Elevator  
Yokohama Kanazawa Tourism Association http://www.yokohama-kanazawakanko.com/
Yokohama Kanazawa Marlene Lions Club  
Yokohama Kanazawa Rotary Club  
Yokohama machine industry housing complex cooperative  
Yokohama seaside line http://www.seasideline.co.jp/
Kanazawa, Yokohama-shi sports center http://www.yspc.or.jp/kanazawa_sc_ysa/
Kanazawa, Yokohama-shi housing complex cooperative http://www.kanazawa-danchi.jp
Kanazawa, Yokohama-shi housing complex transportation cooperative  
Yokohama-shi fishermen's cooperative association http://jf-yokohama.or.jp
(public interest incorporated foundation) Association of Midori, Yokohama-shi http://www.hama-midorinokyokai.or.jp/
Yokohama Chamber of Commerce and Industry Kanazawa Branch  
Public university corporation Yokohama City University http://www.yokohama-cu.ac.jp/
The Yokohama techno Tower Hotel http://www.technotower.jp
(no company) Association of Yokohama Nambushijo management  
(cooperative) Yokohama Nambushijo Kyoueikai  
Yokohama, Hakkeijima Sea Paradise http://www.seaparadise.co.jp/
Yokohama bay side marina  
Yokohama port leech Lions Club  
(cooperative) Yokohama merchandising center http://www.mdc.or.jp
Yomiuri Shimbun Yomiuri center Mutsuura http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/
Young leave network http://www.wkb8558.jp
One two stock http://www.kikenbutsusoko .com

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