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Kanazawa Ward security, reliable email

What is reliable email Kanazawa Ward security?

In Kanazawa Ward, we are doing delivery of "Kanazawa Ward security, reliable email" to cell-phone, PC of registrant.
Also, information about anti-crime program measures or accident frequent occurrence zone provides the crime occurrence situation such as theft, snatching, bicycle theft on the day before provided by Kanazawa police department , emergency anti-crime program flash quickly, too.
As anyone can register person having cell-phone, PC, local patrol and everyday security, please make use for reliable life by all means.
※We carry out Kanazawa Ward safe reliable email based on Yokohama-shi and agreement about crime reporting by Kanagawa Prefectural Police.

Delivery contents

  • It is day on every weekdays: The outbreak situation of imminent crimes such as theft, snatching, bicycle theft on the day before
  • At any time: Information of emergency anti-crime program flash, crime measures, traffic accident-prone zones

Mail delivery image figure

Registration method (in the case of cell-phone)

According to the illustration following from email making screen of cell-phone, PC,
In address column "anan-kz-request@ml.city.yokohama.jp,"
We fill out subject line with "subscribe" (in the case of withdrawal "unsubscribe"),
You fill in text column with nothing, and please transmit.

Registration method

Person having cell-phone with bar code recognition function reads the following QR codes, and please just transmit (only as for the enrollment).

QR code

After the transmission, confirmation email that title became "confirm ..." by autoanswer from mailing list system has been sent (please be careful not to be wrong with virus). Registration is completed by sending back this confirmation email by method of either following.

Transmission method of confirmation email

  • We just reply without method 1 changing title ("Re:" deletion)
  • Method 2 leaves "only confirmation email text confirm ..." and we put out title and reply

Registration method (in the case of PC)

Please register according to explanation from page for exclusive use of registration.

※We do not take responsibility about defectiveness of transmission and reception of email.


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