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Kanazawa photograph album

With Kanazawa photograph album

  • We released photograph which Kanazawa Ward government office holds
  • It can inflect as open data widely
  • We raise photo courtesy from inhabitants of a ward

 In Kanazawa Ward, we promote "opening data" providing data which administration holds with the second available license positively.
 As part of the approach, we open site "Kanazawa photograph album" to archive precious photograph recording change of Kanazawa Ward as "common property of inhabitant of a ward", and Kanazawa Ward government office photographs for public information and releases photorecording holding as opening data, and photo courtesy from inhabitants of a ward recruits, too. (the detailed back side) as inhabitants of a ward, anyone including company can use published photograph, please utilize in city walk event, school education, public information document widely. (note, please perform origin of source clear statement by all means.)

You can choose favorite indication method from three kinds!

Tile indication: We list registration images

Map indication: We display image with latitude longitude information on the map

Timeline indication: We display in order of photographed age

We raise public images.

We raise photorecordings to publish in Kanazawa photograph album from inhabitants of a ward widely.
You list required items in "Kanazawa photograph album registration book", and please send one that can provide photograph to Kanazawa Ward Regional Promotion Division by any of the following method. (note hits offer and will have licensing about the second use or commercial use.)

(1) In the case of photograph or film

We attach "Kanazawa photograph album registration book" to photograph or film, and I would like mail or bringing to the following places. We return photograph which we borrowed (we bear mail costs respectively) to applicant after the scan.

〒236-0021 2-9-1, Deiki, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-shi
Kanazawa Ward Regional Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section (photograph album charge) line

(2) In the case of digital data

You list required items in "Kanazawa photograph album registration book" (first style), and please send with picture file to the following e-mail addresses. When there is much number of, photographs, please submit "Kanazawa photograph album registration book" (the second issue style) together.

E-Mail address kz-tiikiryoku@city.yokohama.jp

Registration proposal way of writing type downloading

Kanazawa photograph album registration book (first style) [MS-Word form 39KB]

Kanazawa photograph album registration book (the second issue style) [MS-Word form 40KB]

Operational policy

Kanazawa photograph album operation policy [June 11, 2015 (kinjishindai 274)]
(Portable Document Format 168KB)

Press release document

[press release] Kanazawa photograph album opening! (Portable Document Format 1,002KB)