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kanazawa iku nabi. Introduction of net

 kanazawa iku nabi. net is child care information portal site of Kanazawa Ward.
We gather child care information to disperse in homepage and aim at providing clearly toward the child care average.

Access method

From PC

We search in http://kirakana.city.yokohama.lg.jp/ or "iku nabi .net"

From smartphone tablet

When we download application to support and install, push delivery such as the latest information is received.

Android version (we cope than Android4.1)

iOS version (we cope than iOS8.1)

kanazawa iku nabi. Smart point of net two

It is caught information smart point 1 anywhere anytime

It supports PC, smartphone, tablet, and there is information retrieval using gap time of busy child care and work including interval of the nursing and nap.

By 2 smart point functions to personalize easily!

We provide information that "we put together to you" such as displaying information report search and facility information that we added and age of child in order that place of residence is near when we have you input the date of birth of child and zip code of place of residence with screen to personalize. In the case of smartphone, coordinate of the present location is available, too.
It is, for example, ...

  • We extract one infants medical examination schedule decided every date of birth
  • Nursery school and medical institution are displayed at zip code or present location coordinate by near order
  • We extract one space situation of class targeted for child on the date of birth
  • We let you display line and are easy to see moon age now and display with Vaccinations scheduler

Do not come; give information♪

Delivery, child care We publish infants medical examination schedule and various courses to be carried out at ward office. We narrow down applicable schedule on the date of birth, and infants medical examination is possible.
Nursery school, kindergarten
Medical institution
In nursery school, the kindergarten, acceptance age and service (having temporary childcare or not), medical institution send information to every kind of medical departments and received Vaccinations every item which ... you want to check.
Outing spot
Outing event
We provide outing information such as tourist attraction or park in ward, event information for children performed in ward.
Others We offer information such as evacuation area or evacuation shelter as disaster prevention related information.
Vaccinations scheduler We light up with moon age that we calculated from the date of birth of child who had you input and display Vaccinations to receive now.
※We show basic Vaccinations pattern and do this service. Please talk with family doctor in inoculation enough.

We place information of gentle support store, facility toward the child care average!

Information of child care home support business "hamahagu" of "station of baby" and the Yokohama-shi child young people station where Kanazawa Ward goes to is publication!
We can search store and facility performing services for diaper substitute during possible place and child care.

There is push delivery function corresponding to beacon, too!

We install beacon (※) in a part of hamahagu store, the facility. (List of beacon setting stores
kanazawa iku nabi. When smartphone which installed net gets closer to beacon, we will tell about service of support store, facility by push.
(note, please turn on Bluetooth function of smartphone.)

※Beacon: Apparatus which sends electric wave to the outskirts. When smartphone enters electric wave range, we can perform information distribution by push from application to support.