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Area and concerned made - area platform with a view of face

 In the situation that the way of community including surge and population decline, sudden aging progress of consciousness to anti-disaster measures transforms, we make life problem in area complexity, diverseness. While ward office cooperates with area mutually to support this situation, also, it is necessary to solve problem while local all of you assist.
 Participation cooperates, and, as the first step, people of leading figure of regional society and activity are performing talks for solution of area problem now in district promotion Network held in each area.  In addition, we participate in district promotion Network by area support team which established ward office every each district and plan enhancement of the system facing for problem with areas.

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- ICT platform which makes use of new tool in regional activation

 The Internet, smartphone, ICT tool of cloud ... this and others have become already indispensable to living of people and have possibility that we keep the potential alive to the maximum in community having various problems and can contribute to problem solution.
 In addition, ICT makes it possible to collaborate in cooperation with person and related organizations where local resident varies and enables business that is new as tool to carry role to regenerate bond with person and person on or creation of value, and it is expected that we contribute to local activation.
 We aim at creation of aggressive exhibition of administration data which cooperated with opening data measure that government and Yokohama-shi push forward and new collaboration through opening data to aim at area wound rio having high sustainability through good use of such new tool in Kanazawa Ward.

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Promotion (promotion others of open data) of transparentizing

ICT utilization for local problem solution

In addition, (allied events)

In the media, it is the publication result