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We hold experience-based event "Aozora Factory" of product government college cooperation!

 In the PIA festival held in Kanazawa, Yokohama-shi Sangyo Shinko Center on Saturday, October 14, company of student of Yokohama City University business administration course Michiko Ashizawa seminar and Yokohama Nozomu Kanazawa Kaifu industry housing complex cooperates and holds experience-based event "Aozora Factory 2017" to send charm of our area to.
 This event provides surprise and pleasure of "Made in Kanazawa Ward" through charm of industrial housing complex which company, office more than 1,000 accumulates under the theme of "we make and enjoy and share" and experience-based workshop utilized characteristic.
 On the day about more than 30 companies and students hold experience-based workshop which can touch superior product from industrial housing complex and high technology in spite of being pleasure in parent and child by collaboration.

Held summary

[the date and time] Saturday, October 14, 2017 from 10:00 to 16:00
[place] Kanazawa, Yokohama-shi Sangyo Shinko Center ground (1-5-2, Fukuura, Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama-shi)
      (getting off at Yokohama seaside line "Sangyo Shinko Center" station three minutes)
[plan] The Aozora Factory governing board, Yokohama City University Ashizawa seminar    
[sponsorship] (no company) Yokohama Kanazawa industry communication meeting, Yokohama seaside forum, Yokohama City University Ashizawa seminar
[contents] Experience-based workshop by approximately 30 groups
     Bookshelf using scrap wood, blacksmith's experience, nailing experience,
     The making of snow dome using wok repousse experience, wrapping
     As for the details, please see this (we link to outside page)


※One that we wish to collect data on, please contact Kanazawa Ward Ward Administration Promotion Division beforehand.

[press release document] Company holds experience-based event of attractive dispatch product government college cooperation of Kanazawa industry housing complex with student! (Portable Document Format 501KB)
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