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February issue for public information yokohama Kanazawa Ward

Special feature  
Eco who can do it although special feature is a pleasure is good!
Please take care of resources of only one earth

Katabuki solar power plant - Katabuki housing complex Neighborhood Association ...
Katabuki housing complex community hall It absorbs solar light! Sunlight panel which we installed in roof
The results of generation are reported to member in "katabuki news" Members becomes able to confirm monitor installing in hall anytime.
We generate electricity smoothly! Fukui (the left), Nose (the right) of chairperson

It is self-check for water supply energy bill!
Based on bill of electricity, gas, water supply which has been sent, we record by Excel every month. It becomes plain "graph" visually! We look back on event of this year from viewpoint of CO2.
<< simple wattmeter >> understand use time for apparatus or electricity rate per one hour. As we can do it, indication reshuffling is convenient by one push!LED bulb
When graph shows effort of power saving, we are glad! Iwata (Tomiokanishi residence)

Ecological company - are technical center ...
X-rays device for industry for medical care development and production (Fukuura)
We participate in energy monitoring business of Yokohama green valley design in 2011. We worked on reduction of energy consumption!
We install awning in window of factory
We utilize demand device and manage energy of the whole Yokohama Electric, spirit machine industrial area cooperative
With plastic curtain, we distinguish unnecessary place to cool with air-conditioner We remodel sprinkler for gardening and water in the roof. We lowered temperature of roof.
We repeated various invention! Manabe of president

Model area "Kanazawa Ward" "Yokohama green valley design"
 Such project "bringing up environment and living children" that "new environmental business flowers" "to realize comfortable Eco life" is performed in Kanazawa Ward.
For more information, look here.

It is circulated through resources in garden
Compost which was able to compost kitchen garbage conjugates in garden!※
Green curtain of Malabar nightshade which grew up with compost. We can eat leaf.
We fry used tea leaves which it has finished swallowing up in dried frying pan by the sun and remake to be about to fall♪
The making of compost is interesting ♪ It fits in! Tanabe (Kamariyanishi residence)

※Change soil mixing method class - kitchen garbage to soil; and is ... with green and flower full
 For more information, look here.

Even dish is conscious of Eco
We can make with newspaper! << handmade residual heat cooking goods >> wrap to seal up pan which took down from fire from the top, and finish by residual heat. It is ecological recipe with a little time to use fire.
Heating time is short and will have dried vegetables to finish. Taste condenses, too. We collect garbage on sink not to get wet.
Squeeze kitchen garbage; dry; do not get wet. These three are important!

ka which gets home energy in "HEMS" (heme) (sees)
HEMS apparatus (partly) With screen of PC, we understand quantity of energy consumption, generation in real time.
It is daily work to check monitor. It is fun for play sense ♪ Consciousness changes by being visible. Tanaka (Tomiokanishi residence)

Do you not install HEMS (heme) in your house either? << there is subsidy system >> home (home), energy (energy), management (the management), system (system)
 HEMS is "ka to see" system which it is possible for with quantity of energy consumption, generation every room of home. We grasp what you use too much electricity in when and where and can make use for energy saving, power saving. In addition, even telescreen or cell-phone can identify the use situation of energy at first sight, and there is model which we can operate of household appliances from whereabouts.
We asked Sakaguchi (Higashiasahina) of conduct company about story.
"ka to see" does electricity consumption and quantity of generation every apparatus of photovoltaic power generation.
What kind of assistance is there? ※2012

Only as for the HEMS simple substance
Only as for the HEMS simple substance
Either setting of HEMS+ photovoltaic power generation / fuel cell / battery
Having you wrestle Data offer Data offer + energy saving action experiment participation
Setting costs (1) such as HEMS 160,000 yen or less 1,585,000 yen or less ※1
By setting environment, it may cost separately
Motoichi assistance amount of money (2)
10,000 yen
50,000 yen
100,000 yen
Country assistance amount of money (3)
100,000 yen
295,000 yen ※2
Citizen burden (rough estimate)
(1)-(2) -(3)

50,000 yen
10,000 yen
1,190,000 yen ※1
*We get money of cooperation when we participate in energy saving action experiment.
※1)When we install HEMS+ photovoltaic power generation 3kW (rough estimate)
※2)Amount of money that increased Motoichi subsidies for setting such as photovoltaic power generation to country subsidy

How do you propose?
Figure of flow before receiving assistance
It is necessary for citizen's all of you to apply for subsidy application of country. (company may act)

It is 1,400 number of offers until Friday, March 15. Specifically, please refer to conduct company which city chose directly. We can confirm company inspection on reference or homepage.

Inquiry Climate Change Policy Headquarters project promotion section TEL 671-4155

We introduce everybody playing an active part in forest, river, the sea around Japanese yen Umiyama
The Japanese yen Umiyama outskirts are treasure houses of biological diversity! We devise in "forest design of Yokohama connection" July, 2012
 Based on "Yokohama b plan (biological diversity Yokohama action plan)," we placed Japanese yen Umiyama outskirts green tract of land that was treasure house of biological diversity located in the southern part of city as "forest of Yokohama connection" and devised design. We experience this forest in the whole citizen and are impressed and push forward approach to connect with nexts in the next generation. For more information, look here.

To leave rich forest in the next generation; meeting of Mt. NPO corporation kanazawa Morisawa (a lot of forests)
 Based on "activity that the Mayor of Yokohama authorizes made with forest in municipal ownership green tracts of land," maintenance, vegetation recovery of the forest, green tract of land of each place and protection of creature are active by forest, Kanazawa nature park and need of Yokohama-shi Kamariya citizen, and we protect rich natural environments and are active for the purpose of what we leave in the next generation. In addition, we enlarge place to be able to get close to through effectively utilizing naturally of blessing of forest and do that we increase people loving nature with objective one.
URL http://www.geocities.jp/moridakusanjp/
Thinning or lower mowing are main work.
We sweat with friend!

Child is chamberlain River fair to get close to chamberlain River when we fall once again in river to be able to play
 It is river rich naturally which chamberlain River flows through forest of Asahina to close avenue, Mutsuura district as the source, and flows into Gulf of Hirakata. In late years sweetfish, damselfly, kingfisher, white heron or firefly came to be seen.
 Our meeting contains children as in the past in river and we perform cleaning and mowing of river and go down stream in ship built with reeds (ashibune) which we made with reed (ashi) growing wild in activity and river to protect environment of river to Nojima and perform activity to get close to river every month to catch fish and insects, and to be able to play. Forest and river and the sea of nature in Kanazawa Ward. We want to leave these property for the next generation.
URL http://jijyukai.web.fc2.com/
Cleaning in the neighborhood of Shiomibashi Cleaning in the neighborhood of large above-road bridge
Chamberlain River general cleaning garbage so!

Kanazawahakkei - Tokyo Bay eelgrass ground revitalizes seaside town development from Kanazawa and holds a meeting
Amateur mon  Various fish lay egg, and grassy plain in the sea, eelgrass ground are said to be cradle of the sea at place to be brought up. Park and eelgrass ground reproduction activity of the sea in Nojima succeed, and oval squid lays eggs whether it is dozens of years since then, and creatures are coming back, too. It is result of collaboration of local primary schoolchild and many people including citizen, university, fishermen's cooperative association, company. We cooperate with Seto Shinto shrine and eelgrass act of God by festival of Tomioka Hachiman shrine from 2011 and contribute to revival and the succession of old local culture. Such as transplant society of eelgrass, besides, do learning society and briefing session of the sea. Do you not participate in activity in local Kanazawa?
 "Amateur mon" of mascot comes up at the time of event. Please invite to event in ward. As for the contents of activity, please see homepage.
URL http://www.amamo.org
Hanae collection of eelgrass in park of the sea In biwa island of Seto Shinto shrine

Inquiry about this special feature
 Ward Administration Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section TEL 788-7729 FAX 786-4887

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