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Tortoise Taro email

We look forward to questions for opinion, suggestion for the administration of a ward from inhabitants of a ward, procedure at ward office. 
Among items which replied, let post the contribution point of opinion and answer for it about item in conjunction with Kanagawa Ward in Kanagawa Ward government office Government building; may have.
※When we consent to notice, please let check enter. 
On notice, we do the following handling. 
The name, address, phone number, e-mail address of person who posted 1 does not post. 
On 2 notices, it may be said that it is closed in consideration for personal information about answer sentence partly. 
Cases that authorized individual is distinguished by 3 contribution sentences, answer contents do not post. 
4 notice periods are about one month.

As you publish sent common question until now, on homepage of "Yokohama-shi call center", please utilize about procedures at ward office.

Inquiry Kanagawa Ward Ward Administration Promotion Division Public Relations Section telephone: 411-7021 FAX: 314-8890

You choose any of the following method, and please send opinion, suggestion.

SSL-adaptive form (we use electronic application system)

As contents which had you fill out are encrypted by SSL(Secure Socket Layer) technique, we can transmit personal information such as address or full name safely. Please usually transmit from SSL-adaptive form. In addition, please note that you are not encrypted when you send E-mail to e-mail address that had you fill out from Motoichi.

Please send one that error produces with form for contribution for SSL from kanagawa@city.yokohama.jp. In this case please note that information is not encrypted.

Yokohama-shi call center telephone 641-2525

About municipal administration, administration of a ward information or living information, the latest event information, please use "Yokohama-shi call center" (telephone 664-2525, FAX 664-2828, E-mail callcenter@city.yokohama.jp).

Integration method of safe certificate to communicate

We introduce SSL cryptographic technology and encrypt data to ensure the security of Internet communication with form (SSL correspondence) for "tortoise Taro email" contribution.

It is necessary to incorporate "safe certificate to communicate" issued by local public entity organization certification base (LGPKI) in browser to carry out safe coding communication. About embedded method, please see "integration method of safe certificate to communicate".

For details, please see "about local public entity organization certification base (LGPKI)".


Flow of "tortoise Taro email"

We had you approach, and flow of "tortoise Taro email" is similar to "civic voice". As we introduce flow of "civic voice" in page of Yokohama-shi public hearing consultation section, please see.

In addition, thank you for your understanding about flow of answer as follows.
・When there is not mention of contact information (full name and phone number or e-mail address), we cannot reply.
・Depending on contents, we may have time for answer.
・In the case of dispatch, please ask jurisdiction section directly.

Protection (privacy policy) of personal information

Across range of use purpose, we use personal information in the inside of Yokohama-shi and, as a general rule, do not perform what we contribute outside the city. About protection (privacy policy) of personal information, please see from page of Yokohama-shi system for privacy protection.