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Kanagawa Ward human rights enlightenment lecture

It is ... through experience of refuge - disaster nursing to regard as health from human rights

When disaster was taking place, and would live a life at refuge; ...
What kind of thing happens?
Do you not think about the way of refuge together?
As reservation is not necessary, come to venue directly.

Guidance flyer this (PDF file / about 620kb)


Friday, February 23, 2018 from 14:00 to 16:00 (the 13:30 opening)


Kanagawa inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center (kanakku hall)


200 first arrival


<<Part 1>>

The approach situation of disaster tower support in Kanagawa Ward required
(lecturer: Kanagawa Ward Health and Welfare Division)

<<Part 2>>

Refuge to think about from health and human rights
(lecturer: Mieko Ishii)


Lecturer Mieko Ishii profile
We play an active part as nurse specialized in disaster nursing and emergency nursing in the world.
By the Great East Japan Earthquake, we do acting as the leader of an army of "disaster support nurse" supporting survivors,
We have experience that managed nurse dispatch to reach a total of 3,770 from the whole country. In addition,
In Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi where damage was serious of "welfare refuge" for person requiring nursing care
We are engaged earnestly in setup.
Nikkei WOMAN "woman of the Year 2012" grand prix prize winner



Kanagawa Ward government office General Affairs Division
TEL 045-411-7007 FAX 045-324-5904

※Hope of childcare, please be reserved sign-language interpreter at one time by Monday, January 22.
   (as for the temporary childcare five 1 year old ... preschool child first arrival)

Kanagawa Ward mascot character tortoise Taro
Kanagawa Ward mascot character tortoise Taro

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