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Lifelong learning business of Kanagawa Ward

Kanagawa Ward lifelong learning 

In Kanagawa Ward, we carry out lifelong learning course = "Kanagawa Ward lifelong learning" that aimed at being able to make use of the "learning" in voluntary activity in area in the future.

Main conduct methods are as follows.

Method> to offer subsidy to <governing board, and to carry out
Inhabitant of a ward becomes administration committee, and ward office offers subsidy and performs plan, administration of course.
In Kanagawa Ward, this conduct method becomes main.

no.Course nameThemeScheduleThe number of timesRemarks


Let's bring up power to be connected
We want to know in ... now! Child care ... to enjoy in couples

・Importance of being connected in area
We learn skill in communication between couples and share joy, trouble with friend during child care.

6/2 - 6/30 5 There is target orientation only in childcare user
Monday, May 29
We applied and were finished.


 GOGO made with beji MAP!

  ・We make local production for local consumption map to tie agriculture and inhabitant of a ward of Kanagawa Ward to.

 8/28 - 10/23 7  We applied and were finished.
GOGO made with beji MAP! Completion MAP


 Kind, seed, seed 2 of health

・We learn about health and non-illness and find friend through health and aim at improvement of healthy life.

 10/18 - 12/20 6  We applied and were finished.


 Living that is pleasant at the space left side of the stage
Method ... that family finds happiness more while making ... child care

 ・We get hint of life with a space by learning reduction of working hours and child care coaching of housework.

 10/12 - 11/9 5  There is target orientation only in childcare user
Thursday, October 5
We applied and were finished.

In the one where childcare is used in course, I would like presentation of childcare card.

◆Childcare card (26kb) for Excel ・ PDF version (130kb)

Presentation: Kanagawa Ward Regional Promotion Division lifelong learning charge 3-8, Hirodaiotamachi, Kanagawa-ku
     FAX045-323-2502 E-mail: kg-gakyuu@city.yokohama.jp

Method> which <others ward enforces directly
Ward office performs plan, administration of course.


Past life class, please click this.

LETTERS to learn kanagawa, and to tie

With LETTERS to learn kanagawa, and to tie…

It is Kanagawa Ward public information paper that put state and information of course of class throughout the life

vol .001
vol .002


Lifelong learning

With lifelong learning



We arrest about "lifelong learning" as follows in Yokohama-shi.
("we learn", and City of Yokohama, Board of Education Secretariat lifelong learning cultural assets section lifelong learning page extracts kara)




 ・Each one is free,
 ・We choose theme by oneself,
 ・By means, method that oneself had
 ・It extends over life regardless of age,
 ・Necessary thing and a certain thing of interest interest,
 ・When it is necessary, we learn‥‥

We get opportunity changing way of thinking and way of oneself of life while learning with in individuals or friend happily
-It is significance of "lifelong learning" and is fun.




Kanagawa Ward inhabitant of a ward activity support center


In inhabitant of a ward activity support center about overall activity, lifelong learning in area provide consultation.
As well as Kanagawa Ward life class, Regional Promotion Division is window.

 To page of inhabitant of a ward activity support center 

Kanagawa area support subsidy


After the attendance of "Kanagawa Ward life class", person raising activity group comes.
We carry out "Kanagawa inhabitant of a ward display project" to support group aiming at local anti-crime program, disaster prevention, child care support, the welfare, local problem solution including environment in Ward Administration Promotion Division.
 To page of Kanagawa area support subsidy



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