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Public information yokohama Kanagawa Ward version

Issuance timeSpecial feature contents
April, 2018 issue Elementary school of all of town            
May, 2018 issue 1.Sunday, June 3 Yokohama FC Kanagawa inhabitant of a ward DAY holding
2.We are careful about bee and mosquitoes!
June, 2018 issue 1.Business to be carried out in Kanagawa Ward of 2018
2."Local inclusion care system" of Kanagawa Ward action guideline
July, 2018 issue  Do you not think, "oneself is all right?"
August, 2018 issue  Let's look for way of solution together
September, 2018 issue Anyone seems to be oneself; lively
Let's work on health promotion! Let's continue!
October, 2018 issue  Well, let's go out! Let's make outside play!
November, 2018 issue  Intellect is reliable! After school of primary schoolchild
December, 2018 issue "Power" local as for your "power"
January, 2019 issue Let's possess. Let's know. Medical care at the time of disaster
February, 2019 issue  ... to look at thing - house to undergo medical treatment in peace in own house, and to spend in practiced house
March, 2019 issue NEW! Your "earthquake measures" ... which ... review complies with to follow command

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