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2017 Kanagawa Ward book-reading activities promotion lecture
 After reading of ... truth was over middle-age; ...

We do not run after the fashion (bestseller). We read with grandchild. We try to recommend to person. We decide theme.

We send story stimulated a little by your reading life.

◆The date and time: Saturday, November 11, 2017 from 14:00 to 15:30 (opening 13:30)

◆Venue: Kanagawa Ward government office Main Building large meeting room (3-8, Hirodaiotamachi, Kanagawa-ku Higashi-Kanagawa Station 7-minute walk) on the fifth floor

◆Lecturer: Nagae (perch) * (autumn and others) he (book reviewer, freelance writer)

Profile: We are appearing on NHK "radio late-night flight"! After foreign book shop Art Vivant duty affiliated with Seibu Department Store after editing such as magazine "Takarajima" to freelance writer. We play an active part in wide genre from "philosophy to how-to book". A lot of writing about skill in reading and skill in interview makes power for criticism activities such as book reviews. , "book is not sold", "however," it is majority including "skill in reading from 51 years old" "how to make small publishing companies" in writing. If "there is not, after all we like book guide" and are acting as personality of corner by NHK radio program "radio late-night flight" now.

◆Lecture flyer: PDF 980KB

◆Application method: Clearly stating the next matter, apply at mail, FAX, E-mail, mataha window.

◎Participant full name (we can apply to five people because of one of them), representative address and phone number 

[address] (mail) 〒 221-0824 3-8, Hirodaiotamachi, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi Kanagawa Ward Regional Promotion Division "reading lecture" person in charge

(FAX) 045-323-2502 (E-mail) kg-book@city.yokohama.jp

(window) The fifth floor of the Kanagawa Ward government office Regional Promotion Division, Kanagawa library (20-1, Tachimachi)

[application period] It must arrive by Tuesday, October 24

※When there is application more than capacity, we draw lots. We will tell so by postcard by about Friday, November 3 only when it is against lottery.

[sponsorship, reference] Kanagawa library TEL 045-434-4339 Kanagawa Ward government office Regional Promotion Division TEL 045-411-7092

Reading facility map in Kanagawa Ward of tortoise Taro  

We read ... book and reading in wide geyo - Kanagawa Ward provides equipment and maps the world with respect


As well as library, we rent book in district center or community house.

★ Reading facility map in Kanagawa Ward of tortoise Taro this (Portable Document Format 2,400KB) ★

Information of each facility may change. Please refer to each facility for the details including rental condition.

 Reading facility map in Kanagawa Ward





Activity target for book-reading activities promotion of Kanagawa Ward


We assumed that we promoted citizen's book-reading activities basic principles

Based on "the regulations about promotion of book-reading activities of Yokohama citizen,"

We decided activity target for book-reading activities promotion of Kanagawa Ward in March, 2015.

★ Activity target for book-reading activities promotion of Kanagawa Ward (Portable Document Format 1,081KB)

Kanagawa Ward book-reading activities target

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