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2017 Kanagawa Ward administration policy

Basic aim

  Town "Kanagawa Ward" which can realize "connection" "reliable" "warmth"

Measure for accomplishment

  • Security, ... which wrestles for further improvement of local disaster prevention power by reliable town development - self support, community support
  • ... which pushes forward community development which is kind to town development - anyone who can live in good health lively
  • ... which sends charm of ward, and creates bustle with town development - constituency system 90th anniversary to bring up overflow attachment in charm
  • ... which widens range of town development - local action to bring up local power and connection, and stimulates community development by collaboration

Administration of a ward administration ... of organization administration - sympathy and trust for accomplishment

  • Exact quickness, polite execution ... of inhabitant of a ward service ... appropriate office work business
  • Promotion ... of cooperation beyond limit of team Kanagawa ... organization
  • Practice - staff power up ... of spot principles

As for the details, please see the following PDF "2017 Kanagawa Ward administration policy".

2017 Kanagawa Ward administration policy
[557KB for PDF]
Collection of Kanagawa Ward administration policy attachment data
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Inquiry Kanagawa Ward government office Ward Administration Promotion Division Planning and Adjustment Section
      Telephone 045-411-7027 FAX 045-314-8890

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