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Director General extra (October, 2018)

We visited you for senior club handicraft athletic meet!


On Wednesday, October 17, "Kanagawa Ward senior club handicraft athletic meet" was held in Mitsuzawa Park assistance athletics field. On the day, blessed with fine autumn weather, more than 1200 members participated from each area.

 It is entrance march every area

 It is entrance march every area. "Do your best!" and take no encouragement.

 All of teams standing in line

 All of teams standing in line after the entrance march. Grand.

 Very powerful player oath

 Very powerful player oath!

 We break bell



We are divided into red-and-white team and are bell break. Everybody is serious.

It is athletic meet of purpose victory or defeat is not purpose, and to move body comfortably together.

It was very happy day.

October, 2018

Kanagawa Director General Yasushi Takada          Portrait of Takada Director General