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Director General extra (2017)

2017 Kanagawa Ward management responsibility job
Director General   Tomomi Ninomiya   (from the left the third)
Vice-Director General   Ichiro Ikezawa  (from the right the third)
Kanagawa fire chief
(anti-disaster measures Supervising Director-General)
  Motokazu Mukasa  (from the right the first)
The Health and Welfare Center head   Atsuko Fukagawa  (from the left the second)
Health and Welfare Center Supervising Director-General   Shiyu Mori  (from the left the first)
Kanagawa engineering works office work director  Masahiko Sasaki  (from the right the second)

We send message from Director General every month. Please see by all means.

Publication month Title
April Do you know member of health practice promotion?
May We held Kanagawa Ward road safety person who has rendered distinguished services commendation ceremony
June Kanagawa Minato festival 2017 was held
July We held Kanagawa wakuwaku health Festa
August "Exercise to light society" street campaign was carried out
September Kanagawa Ward senior club meeting was held
October Ceremony of the 90th anniversary of Kanagawa, Yokohama-shi constituency system was held

Tortoise Taro health rose and held walk


Kanagawa Ward children's basketball meet was held


A Happy New Year

Congratulations exchange party was held in the Kanagawa Ward New Year in 2018


We held "gathering (the 33rd Kanagawa Ward social welfare meet) of town where all led" to

Past message