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Director General extra (2018)

2018 Kanagawa Ward management responsibility job
Director General   Yasushi Takada   (from the left the third)
Vice-Director General   Hideaki Oguchi  (from the right the third)
Kanagawa fire chief
(anti-disaster measures Supervising Director-General)
  Motokazu Mukasa  (from the right the first)
The Health and Welfare Center head   Mikako Konishi  (from the left the second)
Health and Welfare Center Supervising Director-General   Shiyu Mori  (from the left the first)
Kanagawa engineering works office work director   Masahiko Sasaki  (from the right the second)


We send message from Director General every month. Please see by all means

Publication month Title
April All of you, nice to meet you of Kanagawa Ward
May Kanagawa Minato festival 2018 holding!
June Gathering of 2018 inhabitants of a ward holding!
August Junior high student of Kanagawa Ward doing its best!
October 1.We visited you for senior club handicraft athletic meet!
2.Healthy Kanagawa support monthly "commemorative lecture" became lively!
November All of park protection society was commended!
December "The tenth my town Kanagawa best" photographic contest commendation ceremony!

Past message