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... that ... Kanagawa Ward concludes cooperation agreement with Kanagawa University


 Kanagawa Ward government office concluded mutual cooperation and agreement about cooperation with Kanagawa University having campus for the purpose of "universities in area contributing to development of instructional activity and relief and the formation of community with vitality" in ward on April 26, 2011. Based on agreement, we will cooperate commencing with "child, youth development project" including school volunteer activity of university student around elementary and junior high school in ward in future in various fields.



Introduction of cooperation approach 

We release "the first my town Kanagawa stamp rally" which we produced in cooperation with 2013.11.25 student introduction video (link to Kanagawa University student production streaming site)

We deliver home garbage separation recycling enlightenment video which we produced with 2014.2.4 student jointly (link to Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau)

We published the cooperation results of the 2014.5.26 H25 year (Portable Document Format, 92KB)

2014.7.11 Kanagawa University hardball baseball department paid a courtesy visit to Kanagawa Director General (link to Kanagawa University homepage)


Event of Kanagawa University 





Cooperation of the past fiscal year

Button to 2013 cooperation

Button to 24 cooperation


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