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Approach of Kanagawa Ward government office

Global warming measures various at Kanagawa Ward government office with inhabitant of a ward and all of companies, "eco-live." We push forward approach of this and clean town development.

Eco to ward Government building photovoltaic power generation, nursery school

Local production for local consumption

Taste discovery! Local production for local consumption course [finished] to eat, and to learn

Under kotorippu "delicious Kanagawa Ward enjoying local production for local consumption" distribution! 

Local production for local consumption recipe contest (2017) of the 90th anniversary of the constituency system [result announcement]

Kanagawa Eco's clam business

Learning experience, facility visit tour ecological in summer vacationLet's learn about environment and energy in ... parent and child happily! ... [the offer end]

Collaboration business with Yokohama FC


About quantity of asbestos floating findings of Kanagawa public hall

Do not appear; come; household account book [link to Tokyo Electric Power Co.,Inc.]  

Approach of environmental household account book

Ultra energy saving book <collection of energy saving>


Reduction, exploitation of resources of garbage and clean town development

Yokohama 3R dream plan (to City of Yokohama, Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau)

Please use reuse library 

The situation of global warming

Consciousness of inhabitant of a ward about warming