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Kanagawa Ward administration evaluation (private degree check)

 In Yokohama-shi, we perform check, evaluation of work in the whole organization from 2003 and, about thing that it is necessary of reform, improvement, devise improvement plan and let compilation of the budget or administration policy of ward reflect. We call approach of this self-evaluation "private degree check".
 We did administrative inspection (evaluation) by checkup committee with structure to receive to raise objectivity of evaluation and effect of reform, improvement as "Yokohama model Administration Evaluation System" from 2006. (in ordinance-designated city, it is the first approach.)
 In Yokohama model Administration Evaluation System, we evaluate targeting at measure and business.

 In Kanagawa Ward, judging from "citizen's eyes, do I obtain result about all measures, business of 2006?" We evaluated from viewpoint called this objectively.
 Along standards such as "adaptability to citizen needs" or "accomplishment degree", we performed evaluation by personnel and, in evaluation, investigated thoroughly thoroughly more by ward's original check team.
 Based on evaluation result, we devise administration policy this year and perform reform, improvement of office work business sequentially and act so that inhabitants of a ward are satisfied.

◆It is this about summary of Yokohama model Administration Evaluation System

◆Self-evaluation (private degree check) result of measure is this

◆Self-evaluation (private degree check) result of business is this

 Result of administrative evaluation of ward administration administration policy of 2007 and ward administration administration policy of 2006 look back, and gathered up results in one, and "bite, and publish in Taro white paper 2007".
 We are distributing in the first floor of Kanagawa Ward government office annex general information.