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 Logo mark of the 90th anniversary

 Memory of the 90th anniversary of the constituency system

 Tortoise Taro health rises; walk

[news of event holding]

"Tortoise Taro health rises and, by Sorimachi Park start, holds walk" today.

On the day participation by reception desk (reception hours: for from 8:30 to 10:20) is possible, too.

We look forward to participation!

From Sorimachi Park to Mitsuzawa Park, let's walk the distance of 4km leisurely!  

 [the date] Saturday, November 4, 2017

meeting place] Sorimachi Park (executing the event on a light rainy day, stormy weather cancellation)

course] From Sorimachi Park Mitsuzawa Park (open space in front of the war dead memorial) (approximately 4km)

 "Health rises" and presents finishing walking badge and commemorative towel to o all the one that we finished walking!

 <Sorimachi Park>
 ・Before start, we warm up with lecturer.
 ・New healthy playground equipment appears in Sorimachi Park.
  We hold lecture party of how to use! It is free-for-all at any time. 

 <event for children>
 ・We solve quiz from tortoise Taro, and let's aim at goal!

 <Mitsuzawa Park>
 ・We do exercises of cool-down after walking.
 ・As for healthy check corner and food education booth!
 ・The making of canned original badge (child-limited)

 Event flyer PDF icon
Acceptance start

 ※Because one after 10:00 warms up ten minutes before start start time,
  Please finish acceptance with margin.

Opening ceremony

  9:00 start
   Contents: We hold unveiling ceremony of sign which "health rises and maintained in business made".

Start time

 (1) 9:30, (2) 10:00, (3) 10:30
  ※We warm up ten minutes before start.

 Each 100 times
Participation qualification
  Anyone can participate.
But we intend for person who can follow manner and event, traffic rules of walking.
   ※Person worrying about health condition is not expected.

  Drink, towel, hat, pedometer (person to have)

 From telephone, FAX, ward homepage, you fill in the next contents, and apply.

 (1) Full name, (2) address, (3) phone number
 (4) The participation number of people (adult: more than high school student child: lower than junior high student)
 (5) Participation hope time

   ※In the case of application, please fill in (1) - (3) of representative in group. 

 ■Application from PC and smartphone
  Application from PC
  Application from smartphone

  Kanagawa Ward government office Ward Administration Promotion Division health rises and is in charge of walk
  Telephone: 045-411-7027, FAX: 045-314-8890 

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