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Consumer life

As for the consumers trouble consultation,
We introduce news from Yokohama-shi consumer life synthesis center.

★Request large amount of in repair costs use when we move in rental apartment?★

◇We will move in rental apartment where we lived in for 15 years.
  As the apartment was able to keep pet, we kept dog.
 After the moving, bill for the repair costs arrived from management company, but breakdown
 Of cabinet in exchange, kitchen of door of washing and stretching, restroom of flooring and cross
 We lose 1 million yen in total by damage of door.  
  As pet damaged door, we understand about exchange of door,
 Originally exchange of cross which mold grew as it was sunless apartment
 We do not understand. Must we pay in full?

◇Advice from center
 When received request of the repair costs at the time of withdrawal such as rented apartments, of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
 You should negotiate with landlord in reference to "trouble and guidelines over restitutio in integrum"
 Right?. According to the guidelines natural wear by normally using burden on landlord,
 When there is damage, damage more than normally using, it burdens resident,
 Of cross by mold which occurred by having left wound and dew condensation due to pet
 About washing and stretching, it is thought that it burdens resident.
   But there are few burden ratios when the progress number of years is long about cross
 It is said that it becomes.
 [example of wear, aged deterioration by normally using]
  Floor by setting of furniture, dent ・ of carpet
  Holes such as change of color of cross by natural phenomenon, thumbtack of wall paper
 [example which is not wear, aged deterioration by normally using]
  Wounds such as pillars due to nicotine pet of cigarette

★If ask in moving estimate site; of water server
 Rental was contracted, too!★

◇ After registering in estimate site of moving, from immediately plural movers
 There was a phone call. No company of the inside of "move but the price is 60,000 yen 10,000 yen
 As we said, there is cashback, we decided to ask. Then almost
 Email comes at the same time, and saying "write that confirmed, and please reply"
 As we were said, it was said to be without reading contents carefully, but we remained and have replied.
   After, just after reply, there being a phone call again, and agreeing on the telephone, water
 Telephone is transferred to contract company of server and dials with credit card number
 We were guided to do.
   It is war to become cheaper by cashback afterwards when we read email well
 It turned out that it was rental contract of terserver. It is thought, water questioningly
 We are going to cancel request of moving and contact rental contract of server
 Then we seem to usually pay the balance of price 17,000 yen as cancelation cost with campaign
 We were said. We cannot understand such a way. We must pay cancelation cost
 Does it not become?

◇Advice from center
 After enrolling in estimate site of moving, we have cold call,
 It is word of mouth without receiving explanation such as terms such as cancellation rules, detailed rate
 We contract, and cases getting into trouble increase.
   According to the standard moving conditions of carriage that the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism shows company before contract
 Is to issue quotation, but like this time quotation and article
 When contract without being shown beforehand, loss ・ of cancellation and article
 In the case of compensation at the time of damage, we may get into trouble.
 In addition, optional rate including "extra charge as for the air-conditioner" unexpectedly
 Occurring cases appear.
   In addition, in the case of this time, water server is regarded as telephone invitation sale,
 After receiving contract document, check that you can insist on cooling off for eight days
 We gave an advice.
  It is to watch out to contract easily because "it was cheap in estimate site"!
 We take,, "as a general rule, contract is established by verbal promise" into consideration and contract
 Let's ask after confirming conditions well before.

★Is said, "have of all of apartment", of range hood
 We have contracted exchange construction★

◇ Two days ago, company which we change and construct of range hood of apartment
 We visited saying "it is period of all houses exchange". Move in; and half a year
 But "maintain story in Residential Association. Saying all other inhabitants contract, too
 As we said, we thought whether it was natural in this apartment and contracted with. The construction price
 We are to pay 180,000 yen in cash next week when company came for construction.
   However, after asking caretaker later; "do not know such a story. Residential Association
 It was said, it is not talk that we did this and detected and thought that we were deceived. In company
 We do not contact even if we call while saying that we let the person in charge turn down.
 We want to cancel, but what should I do?

◇Advice from center
 If door-to-door sales receive contract document, and is less than eight days; cooling-off
 We can do it. In addition, we explain at the time of invitation falsely even if it is past eight days (different from the truth
 If there is a problem of explanation), we can cancel contract.
   Is said not to hear the cancellation of a contract over telephone later from company, trouble
 As is thought, notify that become this by documents such as postcards by all means, for record
 Let's send by "specific record mail" or "simple registered mail" to stay.
   When we were in trouble, please consult with center.

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