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Information for Municipal Housing, Prefecture Housing

 We distribute application of Municipal Housing, Prefecture Housing.
 Municipal Housing distributes Prefecture Housing at general information window or the fifth floor of the main building Public Relations Section window in May and November in April and October.
 In addition, it is irregular at time, but performs distribution of application of paid lease house for Yokohama, ribuinya elderly people.

○There is layout for more than 5 households, elderly person living together, elderly person, person with a physical disability, single body, too. For more details, please see application.

○Offer guides look at "public information yokohama shiban" "news of prefecture".


Municipal Housing Yokohama City Housing Supply Corporation
Telephone 451-7777 FAX 451-7769
Prefecture Housing Kanagawa Prefectural Land and Building Maintenance Committee
Telephone 201-3673 FAX 201-8405
Yokohama, ribuin
Subsidized housing for elderly people
City housing corporation
Telephone 451-7766 FAX 451-7759
JA National Peasant Union Kanagawa *yuchinkanrika
Telephone 321-2468 FAX 321-2462 (Yokohama, ribuin telephone guidance telephone 451-7770)

※On City of Yokohama, Housing and Architecture Bureau homepage, we work as guide to person who is looking for lease, house in a development project.

Counter in charge Ward Administration Promotion Division The fifth floor of the main building 503rd window Telephone 411-7021
FAX 314-8890