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Consultation, report about food poisoning

 When food poisoning is suspected, hospital doctor has an examination, and please consult with Health and Welfare Center.
As you investigate caused investigation for expansion and prevention of recurrence of damage in Health and Welfare Center, please cooperate.
 In the case of bacterial food poisoning, meal causing food poisoning goes with latency period, and there is thing which symptom suffers from with long thing for a few days until we appear. It is necessary to check meal contents for several days as food which we ate may not necessarily cause right before we become ill.

Consultation, report about food poisoning

The prevention of food poisoning
 Most of food poisoning cases to occur in Japan are bacterial food poisoning. It is important to follow "food poisoning prevention 3 principle" to prevent bacterial food poisoning. In addition, among food poisoning cases, approximately 20% degree occurs for in-home meal. About the handling of food in home, let's be careful about next!

  1. We do not soak bacteria: Let's wash hand before meal
  2. We do not increase bacteria: Let's stop leaving food after cooking for a long time in the room.
  3. Food to heat up, and to cook heat-sterilizing bacteria will heat up enough. Indication is that temperature of center heats up more than 75 degrees Celsius, one minute. When we warm left food again, let's heat up enough.

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