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Pet measures lecture at the time of Kanagawa Ward disaster

"Disaster occurrence! Then pet"

 Disaster is caused suddenly.
 In evacuation shelter, person evacuating with pet is assumed.
 While taking example of past earthquake disaster into account that anyone can evacuate safely and spends time in peace at refuge
 Please talk about "point of base administration" or "preparations that you should work on in normal".

   It is contents about evacuation shelter administration, but is useful for owner of pet mainly. Please participate!

   Guidance flyer this
(PDF file / approximately 610KB)

Held contents


  Saturday, August 4, 2018
  From 13:30 to 16:00 (reception desk start 13:00)


  The first floor of Kanagawa Ward government office basement laboratory

  *On the day we cannot use ward office parking lot.
   I would like the use of public transport on visit.


  80 the first * pets are impossible of companion

Entrance fee

  Free of charge

Application, inquiry

  It is telephone or FAX or E-mail from Wednesday, July 11
  One of member of full name, phone number, participation hope number of people, base administration write base name "pet measures lecture"
  To Health Sanitation Division Environmental Sanitation Section

Kanagawa Ward government office Health Sanitation Division Environmental Sanitation Section

  TEL: 045-411-7143 FAX: 045-411-7039
  E-mail: kg-eisei@city.yokohama.jp

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