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Kanagawa Ward election forum

◆With election forum◆

Election forum is learning business of participation type that bright election promotion meeting cosponsors with board of elections of each ward as part of election enlightenment activity. We think about how politics and election affect everyday life some other time and are intended that we promote vote participation.

We carried out election forum in 2012!

In board of elections of Kanagawa Ward and bright election promotion meeting, we perform approach to promote interest and vote participation in politics, election to young generation including students of elementary and junior high school.
In 2012, we held in Rokukakubashi Junior High School and Aoki Elementary School.



Lecture scenery (Aoki elementary and junior high school)Lecture scenery (Rokukakubashi Junior High School)
The date and time, place
1.Friday, November 30, 2012 13:00 - Rokukakubashi junior high school gymnasium
2.Tuesday, January 29, 2013  8:50 - Aoki Elementary School gymnasium
1.284 Rokukakubashi Junior High School third graders
2.101 Aoki sixth graders


In two schools mentioned above, we held "simulated voting and counting the ballots event" this year.
We took up "student council officer election" under the theme of "dessert provided in school lunch" in Aoki Elementary School in Rokukakubashi Junior High School and carried out vote, the official counting of votes using device which we used in speech by each candidate and real election in just like public performance.
In addition, about result of simulated voting and counting the ballots, we actually reflected to the school side.
We might use real device, and there were a great many students who voted with earnest expression, and some said, "election could happen" from students who saw ballot box for the first time. In both schools, it is thought that we were able to give opportunity to common knowledge of election and future vote.


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