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Information for tortoise Taro child exercises

We made official video of tortoise Taro child exercises!
They dance with "tortoise Taro", and both adult and child will aim at the making of healthy body!

◆Video seeing and hearing method
We can watch tortoise Taro child exercises in video site (YouTube).

Video publication: Youtube Yokohama-shi formula account
Video title: Tortoise Taro child exercises (belonging to movement commentary)
Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_N0vKWQxfk
※ It changes to outside site when we click the URL mentioned above.

In the case of cell-phone, we can watch from the next two dimensions cord.
Tortoise Taro child exercises URL

◆With tortoise Taro child exercises
Tortoise Taro child exercises assume nursery staff working in nursery school in ward member; "tortoise Taro child
It is exercise made led by exercises making team.


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