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Notice About the grant situation of my number card

  I send grant letter of advice (reservation guidance postcard) to one where my number card (personal number card) is applied to for by mail as soon as inspection work of card is finished and is ready to be able to hand.
  We are sending out grant letter of advice in degree (※) from application now for about 1-2 months.

  ※ Shipment of grant letter of advice may become slow to remake about card which malfunction was found in in process of inspection in J-LIS (local public entity information system mechanism).

About receipt reservation of my number card

   Receipt of my number card needs reservations in advance. If grant letter of advice (reservation guidance postcard) arrives, come to the first floor of Kanagawa Ward government office annex "the 104th window" (on Saturday open agency day the 106th window) after reservation on the telephone.
   Reservation starts acceptance for the next month every month from 15th (15th in the case of Saturday, Sunday and holiday from open agency day, the following day). Please note that you did not hear reservation on the day of the receipt. (e.g., from June 15, we accept reservations from July 1 to July 31 and start.)

Receipt reservation contact information of my number card

   In the case of reservation, reservation ID listed on the left of grant letter of advice is necessary.

   <prearranged telephone call connection number>

    Kanagawa Ward Family Registry Division Registration Section

    045-411-7037 [weekdays from 9:00 to 17:00]

About receipt method by future next agency method (to one having difficult Japanese-Chinese telephone reservation)

   We do the next agency to ward office without making a reservation and accept in advance and do the next agency again on day when customer hopes at the future, and the next agency method is method to receive my number card later.
   We perform prior acceptance at Kanagawa Ward government office 103rd window (on Saturday open agency day the 106th window). Please give me the next agency after having brought the following belonging.

    ・Postcard (personal number card grant, electronic certificate issuance letter of advice and inquiry book) which was sent by ward office
    ・Notice card
    ・Basic Resident Register card (only as for the person receiving grant)
    ・Seal (possible substitute by signature)
    ・Two points of identity verification documents ※It is two points from (1), (2) of lower table

(1) Document with photograph of the face which public office issued (2) Name and address of the person or document which the date of birth can confirm
Basic Resident Register card (limited to with photograph of the face)
Driver's license, driving career certificate
(the grant date thing after April 1, 2012)
Residence card, special permanent resident certificate, passport,
Certificate of the physically disabled, mental patient health welfare notebook,
Nursing notebook
Health insurance card, medical care certificate, identification of person insured of The Long-term Care Insurance, elderly aged 75 or over Medical Certificate, pension book, employee ID card, student identification card, bank book

    (1) Only as for the principle person, it is (it includes child) to be able to receive my number card.
      In addition, pro-Gonja, please be accompanied by case younger than 15 years. About belonging, please see this.
    (2) When the person does not have the next agency by disease or physical obstacle, we can hope for receipt by proxy/agent.
      For details, please see this.
    (3) About prior receptionist of future next agency method
      ・In the case of prior receptionist, the person who applied for card come.
      ・The staff acts for password of my number card and sets.
      ・We cannot receive card by the end of the day of prior receptionist.
      ・When belonging is not prepared, we may not accept in advance. 
    (4) About the day of the receipt
      ・We take number ticket of the 103rd window in mine, turn taking.
       (come to the 106th direct window only in open agency on Saturday.)
      ・Depending on the congestion situation, you may have to wait.

About application method of my number card

  ・Application of my number card is arbitrary. Please apply only for one you like.
  ・We perform application of my number card by mail. In addition, application is possible even from PC and smartphone.
  ・Please refer to this for application method of detailed my number card.