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Health promotion portal site which breeds in kana

Purpose of development
  • Concept of "health" was wide, and there were various problems including health of illness and hearts such as infectious diseases, but we paid our attention to lifestyle-related diseases which was one of the citizen's biggest health problems and devised guideline of health promotion for the next ten years and the second health Yokohama 21 where it was. This plan is municipalities health promotion plan based on Health Promotion Act and is local planning of "health Japan 21" (the second) which country pushes forward.
Basic principles
  • It continues from infants to elderly person and improvement of lifestyle and aggravation of lifestyle-related diseases are to prevent and, targeting at all citizens, increase citizens who can live a life who became independent as much as possible at any age.
Improvement of lifestyle The aggravation prevention of lifestyle-related diseases Health promotion related information
Cancer screening
  • Yokohama-shi cancer screening
  • Lung cancer, stomach cancer health check-up (Kanagawa Ward)
Various health check-up, inspection
  • We examine specific medical examination, Yokohama-shi health
  • Examination of AIDS (Kanagawa Ward)
  • Examination of hepatitis virus

Health Yokohama 21 yokohama health-style