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It is information for exercises shoulder clearly

In super-aged society, it is viewpoint that is important for support of family to care for.
In Kanagawa Ward, we made official video of "shoulder doing gymnastics clearly" that we could practice as caregiver support casually at home!
We have cooperation of association of city physical education, and this collects things softening the shoulder remainder from "hamachan exercises" and "hamatore",
We edited in BGM of "back island Taro".

We can watch in video site (Youtube) and, in ward office and Local Elderly Care Management Center, rent DVD.
We move body with "tortoise Taro", and let's aim at healthy body!

◆Video seeing and hearing method
Exercises can watch shoulder clearly in video site (YouTube).

Video publication: Youtube Yokohama-shi formula account
Video title: Shoulder does gymnastics clearly (belonging to commentary)
Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M338UVZC0jA
※ It changes to outside site when we click the URL mentioned above.

◆Shoulder clearly with exercises
"We smile by power of all to assist and carry out campaign on day of long-term care under the theme of long-term care" in Kanagawa Ward every year,
"Shoulder suggested exercises as one approach of the inside clearly".
It is exercise to soften stiff shoulder that many people are troubled with toward the caregiver who goes out, and cannot be readily refreshed the beginning.


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