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Watch; cooperation shop

 The number of the dementia elderly people continues increasing while aging advances year by year and is anticipated when the number of the dementia elderly people of Yokohama-shi reaches 200,000 in 2025 when post-baby boom generation is than 75 years old.
 Shop which aim at community development which can live a life in peace in town that lived so long even if suffer from dementia in Kanagawa Ward, and can do shopping person of dementia and the family in peace to increase establishments; "watch, and begin approach of cooperation shop".

Watch; with cooperation shop

 Shop where employee is more than one which attended "dementia supporter training course" (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare authorization) to watch, and to learn right knowledge for dementia and concrete correspondence with cooperation shop "watch, and Kanagawa Ward authorizes as cooperation shop", and issue exclusive sticker in establishment.
 If there is request of course holding, please contact community care plaza, Local Elderly Care Management Center of neighborhood or ward office Elderly and Disabled Support Division.

◇We watch and glance through cooperation shop
 2017 "we watch cooperation shop" list (as of October 5)

◇For more information:
 "We watch cooperation shop" guidance handbill

Watch; merit of cooperation shop

  • Voice credit that is warm if person with dementia and the family are in trouble is connected for improvement and image enhancement of visitor service by seeing, and performing defense.
  • Store's name is published in homepage of Kanagawa Ward government office and publicizes as "shop which is kind to elderly person".
  • When imminent one suffered from dementia, we come to be able to give an appropriate response.

"To watch, and to become cooperation shop"

(1) We attend "dementia supporter training course" (we can register if we take lectures after April, 2015).

(2) We fill in "registration form" with required items and submit.

(3) We issue "authorized book" and "exclusive sticker".

(4) We publish store's name in homepage of Kanagawa Ward (only as for the applicant).

About comprehensive authorization

 With comprehensive authorization, ward performs comprehensive authorization within the uniformity for a certain plural establishments which watch, and caught authorization of cooperation shop.
 (example) in the case of mall…When 30% of shopping district participation stores watch, and "they are authorized as cooperation shop", "we watch and authorize the shopping district as shopping district" separately.

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