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Stamp rally around mall of Kanagawa Ward

The sixth "mall tortoise Taro rally" was finished.

Thank you for much application!

Tortoise Taro who does shopping

Mall with characteristics various in Kanagawa Ward
Do you know that there are 23 places?

When collect stamps of shop, is related to ward by lot city
Wonderful present from company, mall hits.

Period: From Monday, October 15, 2018 to Monday, December 31 [finished]

We draw lots in the end of January, 2019 and are going to ship prize toward the elected candidate in the beginning of February.
In addition, we change to successful announcement with shipment of prize.

Let's get "mall tortoise Taro rally" booklet or flyer! (with mount)

Booklet Flyer
Booklet cover Rally flyer image
↑We open when we click (PDF: 7,957KB) ↑We open when we click (PDF: 951KB)
★In city PR box of each station in public facilities, ward in mall, ward
We distribute.
★We distribute in mall, participation shop.

It is usable as stamp mount when we print this flyer.
(even if it is not duplex printing, we can apply.)

Participation method

◆Participation method, rule

 In mall participation shop in ward with the flyer mentioned above, we do shopping more than 100 yen and meal, and let's gather stamps (shop size) of shop three!
 If stamps gather, we draw required items on the back, and we put in the application box during period, and let's apply!

 Booklet publication shop, ward office Regional Promotion Division have application box.

 ※ Even if plural stamps of the same shop are overwhelmed, it is effective.
 ※ We can apply again and again alone.
 ※ Application by mail to ward office is possible, too.

Booklet publication shop is this!

◆Among rally participation shops, [mall tortoise Taro rally booklet] introduces following 46 stores!

Rokukakubashi, Hakuraku area Rokukakubashi Kitamachi quotient sum society Beautiful yu joy sushi Sushi 6-19-17, Rokukakubashi
Hakuraku Store Association White Express Hakuraku store Cleaning 121, Hakuraku
Shirohata dealer interest society Fujiya Yakisoba, okonomiyaki 2-2, Shirahatacho
Cafe & derirodiakkuakesutora Cafe dining 4-6-103, Shinoharadaimachi, Kouhoku-ku
Shirahatamukaicho quotient love society Hairdressing Usami Barber shop 2-3, Shirahatamukaicho
Hair salon bukure Hair salon 7-5, Shirahatamukaicho 1F
3, Nishikanagawa quotient interest society Chinese food delicacy tower Chinese food 3-7-9, Nishikanagawa
anu curry & bar Nepalese dishes 3-1-6, Nishikanagawa 1F
Rokukakubashi Kyoei society Light meal bean Japanese confectionery 2-9-3, Rokukakubashi
The river beauty senbei main office Hand baking senbei 2-3-3, Rokukakubashi
Rokukakubashi mall (4 society) Hexagon chopsticks Fried food bar 1-10-2, Rokukakubashi
stunna Silver accessories 1-10-2, Rokukakubashi
Moon cat Cat miscellaneous goods 1-10-12, Rokukakubashi
Mud which cannot edit Hakuraku cafe Potato honey sweets 1-9-2, Rokukakubashi
Rokukakubashi roast xiaolongbao Xiaolongbao 1-9-1, Rokukakubashi
Seafood small restaurant fish feeling Bar 1-8-2, Rokukakubashi
Bread studio ru, pan hot from the oven Bakery 1-8-4, Rokukakubashi 1F
AmZ Beauty Handmade miscellaneous goods, aroma treatment 1-7-23, Rokukakubashi 2F
Octopus and highball Takoyaki 1-7-24, Rokukakubashi
WIN' S (WINS) Vietnamese food 1-4-6, Rokukakubashi
Boutique pierced earrings tar Ladies' wear 1-4-2, Rokukakubashi
The House of zero sports acupuncture needle moxibustion, bonesetting [Hakuraku] The House of bonesetting 1-2-8-103, Rokukakubashi
Big mouth area Authority of complaint mall Water old man fruits and vegetables Greengrocery Authority of big mouth 31-2
Bread Japan temple hot from the oven Bakery Authority of big mouth 127-3
The big mouth first Avenue Yamada clock shop Clock shop 146, Nanashimacho
The House of first Avenue bonesetting The House of bonesetting 128, Nanashimacho
Authority of big Akebono Store Association Terao-ya Chinese food Authority of big mouth 16-6
hachihyaku* Greengrocery 23-1, Oguchinakamachi
Ward office, seaside part area Kanagawa center dealer consecutive meeting Select shop Heart Ladies' wear 10-1-103, Hirodaiootamachi
Cut room a rezu Barber shop 5-1, Hirodaiootamachi
Two valleys street dealer honor society Yokohama Maruni cafe dining Shop dealing in kimono fabrics cafe 6-3, Futatsuyacho
Eight group Tempura 6-1, Futatsuyacho
Yokohamachuo Ichiba Dori Store Association Gateau yokohama Main Store Western confectionery 89-19, Sakaemachi
Cage pine Central Market shop Encasement 21-4, Sakaemachi
Miyamae dealer honor society wari*bujushi Sushi 2-1, Aokicho
Sun olives Pork cutlet 3-1, Aokicho
Tammachi, Mitsuzawa area Tammachi Station main street mall Bowl-maru Sorimachi shop Seafood bowl 2-13-7, Matsumotocho 1F
Restaurant&Bar Moana Hawaiian restaurant Tammachi 3-19-4 2F
Tortoise sushi Sushi Tammachi 3-19-1
Mt. garden Store Association Say of this; dining room ★We are closed until about the middle of November★ 33-20, Mitsuzawashimomachi
Mitsuzawa mall promotion society Japanese confectionery Syogetsudo Japanese confectionery 5-26, Mitsuzawanakamachi
Japanese temple Bread, good old cake 8-1, Mitsuzawanakamachi
3, Matsumotocho Store Association hanamatsurigoto Flower arrangement 3-23-3, Matsumotocho
yoka minon Western confectionery 3-23-1, Matsumotocho
Authority of Matsumoto mall Suiko garden Chinese food 2-19-3, Matsumotocho
Yokohama eight soldier of the Imperial Guard Sea foods, deep-fried skewers 2-14-5, Matsumotocho
※Please confirm the details such as photograph, business hours of shop with "mall tortoise Taro rally booklet".

Prize is this!

We introduce prize including support product from cooperative organizations of city, ward connection.


 ↑We can increase when we click. PDF: 1,080KB

1 Kanagawa sports center For use of training room coupon 3,000 yen (for ten times) Three people
2 CARITA Saw hand; coffee mill One person
3 Keihin Electric Express Railway Corporation Kannonzaki Keihin Electric Express hotel SPASSO (warm-bathing facility) pair complimentary ticket Three people
4 san*en san*en pair admission ticket Ten people
5 Tokyu Set of cowhide name holder, disappearing three colors of ball-point pens, 2020 system tag Three people
6 NISSAN MOTOR Yokohama factory Die-casting car (GT-R) Three people
7 Minatomirai Manyo Club(one day spa) Minatomirai Manyo Club(one day spa) pair admission ticket  Ten people
8 Bank of Yokohama ice arena Set of pair run complimentary ticket, towel strap Five people
9 (public interest incorporated foundation) Association of Midori, Yokohama-shi ZOORASIA, Kanazawa Zoo pair common complimentary ticket Five people
10 Yokohama DeNA BayStars Yokohama DeNA BayStars player signature colored paper (one piece) Ten people
11 J League Yokohama FC HAMABLUE towel scarf or HAMABLUE T-shirt Five people
12 Special prize Royal wing lunch Cruise pair ticket Three people

There is this year!
We can apply with a choice of area you likeArea prize ★Please apply without forgetting this!

◆List of area prizes that had shop in mall and each area cooperate
 (please note that kind of prize is not available)


Rokukakubashi, Hakuraku area It is 20 people for Rokukakubashi mall gift certificate 1,000 yen
The House of pelvic correction course (20 minutes 4,000 yen equivalency) free of charge ticket three / zero sports acupuncture needle moxibustion, bonesetting [Hakuraku]
Two deep-fried Jushi exchange ticket three / hexagon chopsticks
It is gift certificate three /stunna for 500 yen
It is gift certificate three / nail Room LiNO for 1,000 yen
Mud which cannot edit potato mitsu (bottle) exchange ticket two / Hakuraku cafe
Mini-tote bag (Katsumi art studio 970 yen equivalency) exchange ticket one / moon cat
Meat stock soup (350 yen equivalency for take-out) exchange ticket five / Rokukakubashi roast xiaolongbao of xiaolongbao
Bread studio ru, pan where gift certificate three / roast has just finished for 500 yen
It is gift certificate three / boutique pierced earrings tar for 1,000 yen
Assorted three kinds of sashimi (more than 2 visits) from Monday to Thursday-limited exchange ticket five / fish feeling
Four and three fresh spring roll set pair for free ticket (2,500 yen equivalency) /WIN' S
Big mouth area It is ten people for authority of complaint mall shopping, meal ticket 1,000 yen
The chocolate bread one exchange ticket 5/day main hall of a Buddhist temple
Strawberry 1 pack exchange ticket three / water old man fruits and vegetables
Imabari towel face towel exchange ticket five / string and clothing store
Authority of ten one week free trial ticket / curves big mouth
Free complimentary ticket 20 / MEGALOS Kanagawa that is usable on 1st
It is five people for gift certificate 1,000 yen common throughout the big mouth first Avenue
The House of own expense treatment 30 minutes free service exchange ticket one /1 turn street bonesetting
Citizen temperature, hygrometer exchange ticket one / Yamada clock shop
Dual monitor waterproofing digital camera exchange ticket one / penguin camera main store
It is ten people for big Akebono street Store Association shopping gift certificate 1,000 yen
Ward office, seaside part area Coffee or one cup of tea for free ticket ten / Yokohama circle two cafe dining
Five lunch tempura bowl for free ticket / eight group
It is gift certificate ten / Rosen boa for 500 yen
Cheesecake (13cm) one exchange ticket one / gateau yokohama Main Store
Tammachi, Mitsuzawa area It is ten people for Tammachi Station main street mall gift certificate 1,000 yen
One cup of coffee for free ticket ten /NAGI COFFEE
One private seal (15mm in diameter 60mm in length to tell, and to prepare) for free making exchange ticket three / Saito mark bunch
We get fruit roll (1,700 yen equivalency) one exchange ticket / atelier sun mishi
※Said of this, and offer of prize from dining room disappeared by convenience.

※ As each ticket has expiration date, please confirm contents to send well.

From one that was against prize and area prize more this year

We give tortoise Taro goods to
50 people by lot!

※ We exchange lottery result announcement with shipment of prize.

◆Cooperative organization (the order of the kana syllabary)

Kanagawa sports center


Keikyu Corporation


TOKYU Corporation

NISSAN MOTOR Co., Ltd. Yokohama factory

Manyo Club (Minatomirai Manyo Club(one day spa))

Bank of Yokohama ice arena

Association of Midori, Yokohama-shi

Yokohama DeNA BayStars

Yokohama furiesupotsukurabu (J League Yokohama FC)


Sponsorship Kanagawa Ward government office cosponsorship Kanagawa Ward mall alliance meeting


Bow tortoise Taro
♪♪Thank you for much application♪♪

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