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Anti-crime program

Local safe information

As for the street crimes of this page, outbreak information is offer from association of Kanagawa police department , Kanagawa Ward anti-crime program (telephone 045-441-0110 (key number)).

To know the case details of street crime that is familiar to life; ...

Urgent information from the case details of snatching, theft, car break-in and the police is delivering by "Kanagawa Ward anti-crime program information email"!

Of course we strongly recommend registration to self-government chairperson, Neighborhood Association that anti-crime program is in charge of to protect the body of oneself!

Registration of Kanagawa Ward anti-crime program information email this (link to registration method introduction page)

About support of anti-crime program patrol article


We distribute article which is necessary for anti-crime program patrol to Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations to support anti-crime program patrol carried out in area at Kanagawa Ward government office.  

 Kind, photograph of article this (link to page of article for anti-crime program patrol)   



Other information

 Please be careful about wire fraud!       

 Criminal of wire fraud will make a call using various tricks to take money and bank card. When there was suspicious call, we notice that it is telephone from criminal of wire fraud, and thing corresponding to cool is important.


There is a phone call from person giving son and grandchild, and forthcoming tricks increase so that different person receives cash.


There is telephone "that which "we dropped bag which check entered" has impregnated woman" from person giving son and grandchild, and delivery by hand-shaped wire fraud to come increases to take cash!
Please be careful!

Outbreak of crime that took advantage of earthquake is expected

As trick,

・We visit home and we threaten with "roof tile loosens" and construct "gas pipe is broken" forcibly and cheat out of the large amount of price
・We say, "the repair price for house is necessary for great earthquake disaster" posing as sons on the telephone and cheat the large amount of price


We share information in neighborhood, and let's prevent crime!

Anti-crime program measures made by oneself

1 pervert measures
  • Let's stop going alone of dark road at night.
  • Let's call for help aloud.
  • Let's sound personal alarm.
  • Let's escape from the other party if we think, "it is strange".

  If we encounter damage

    We learn characteristic of partner, and let's dial 110 immediately.
    Pervert is afraid of eyes of person. Eyes of people of community are important.
    Let's make area environment not to permit haunting of enemy of woman and child.

2 theft measures
  • It is trick that many invasion tricks break windowpane and invade.
  • With windowpane as anti-crime program glass, let's put anti-crime program film on glass.
  • Let's attach supporting lock to windowpane.
  • When return is night, we turn on light of room, and let's go out.
3 snatching measures
  • If motorcycles come from behind, let's look back.
  • Handbags will last in road and the other side.
  • Let's give up having email and headphones while we walk.
  • Let's hang anti-crime program net to anteroposterior basket of bicycle. 
  • Even detour will choose way with much pedestrian traffic brightly.
  4 car break-ins measures
  • Parking lot follows lightener, and let's light by night.
  • It will prevent you from putting valuables in the inside of car.
  • We do not put spare key in the inside of car including dashboard.
  • We close window and pull out engine key, and even short parking of two or three minutes will just confirm that we locked door.

Number of crime occurrence statistics


The number of criminal law criminal acknowledgement in Kanagawa Ward (each age from January to December)
(1) Kind distinction

   Brutal criminal  Rough criminal  Larcenist  Intellectual crime  Manners and customs criminal  The others The total
2015 6 135 984 46 16 200 1,387
26 years 12 139 1,169 62 11 194 1,587
 25 years 10 152 1,150 62 10 227 1,611
24 years 9 171 1,208 69 19 201   1,677
23 years 13 152 1,327 66 12 197 1,767
22 years 9 160 1,528 68 16 163 1,944
21 years 11 138 1,596 92 20 252 2,109
20 years 15 221 1,888 156 17 413 2,710

・Brutal criminal means murder, robbery, rape, arson.
・Rough conviction means assault, injury, threat, blackmail.
・Intellectual crime means fraud, embezzlement.
・Manners and customs conviction means gambling, compulsion, public indecency.
・Fortune-telling de-conviction means occupation secession embezzlement, lost article embezzlement.

(2) Main larcenist
   Theft  It includes stealing  We damage office  Car theft  Motorcycle theft  Bicycle theft  We aim in car  Snatching
2015 48 30 13 26 91 306 40 8
26 years 51 19 10 22 90 413 48 12
 25 years 39 5 25 44 94 371 78 13
24 years 48 10 17 45 150 373 86 18
23 years 122 10 18 47 144 417 65 42
22 years 179 9 15 38 152 481 98 40
21 years 146 8 30 33 217 594 96 62
20 years 171 8 20 41 186 571 131 52