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Please be careful about refund fraud!

Suspicious calls to talk about staff of ward office occur successively!
Please be careful about refund fraud!

From person giving the ward staff recently
As we pay money for overpayment of premium and medical expenses , tax,
In ATM of convenience store nearest with card of bank
Telephones that it is directed to go occur successively.
In addition, example that is going to get the details of bank account occurs.

For receipt of refund of refund and medical expenses , tax of premium

 ★It never occurs that we let you operate ATM.
 ★The staff may not visit home.
 ★We may not demand communication to toll free number and cell-phone.
 ★We may not ask numbers of bank account on the telephone.

・Let's talk with the police if we have suspicious call!
 Please be careful about refund fraud!