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Office of Accounting

Office of Accounting

Payment such as city taxes

  Designated financial institution and storing substitution financial institution
  Handling financial institutions such as delivery letters of advice
  About fund transfer payments such as city taxes

Payment from city

  About request to Yokohama-shi
  About payment from Yokohama-shi
  List of bankbook mention letters
  About application of designator fund transfer payment

Income certificate stamp

  About income certificate stamp
  When we purchase income certificate stamp by mistake


  Common question corner

About Office of Accounting

  About organization
  About budget
  About rules concerned

Approach of Office of Accounting

  About administration policy
  About fund management policy
  About common article system
  About bid, the contract situation
  About environmental action target
May 17, 2018Administration policy of Office of Accounting
August 9, 2011About result of opinion open call for participants to affect Yokohama-shi rules

Past news

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