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 You can confirm organizational chart of current Yokohama-shi in this page.

 We introduce duties summary of each station ward unification headquarters.

Executive organ
Ward office (18) Climate Change Policy Headquarters


 Policy Bureau
 As battle front of administrative services, we work on improvement of administrative services that are familiar to citizen and push forward the making of unit-related ward that there is that made use of local characteristic.  Toward environmental advanced city, leadership promotes approach of global warming measure which became all agency bullets and utilizes potential of city company to the maximum, and go ahead through global environment measures strongly, and vitality promotes the making of city that there is economically.  We support planning of policy, plan for realization of "basic design" and all city-like synthesis adjustment in policy side and promotion.
General Affairs Bureau Finance Bureau  International Affairs Bureau
 We establish effective municipal administration administration to beat pillar by administrative reform and personnel training stably and carry all city-like synthesis adjustment functions in administration side.  Aiming at establishment of active financial administration and appropriate financing administration, we perform unification in finance, financing side and plan promotion of securing of annual revenue, assets utilization.  We make use of the history since the opening of a port and overseas network with cities, engine, conventional international collaboration and develop local government diplomacy powerfully and aim at realization of "Yokohama growing up with the world".
Civic Affairs Bureau Culture and Tourism Bureau Economic Affairs Bureau
 We do centering on civic collaboration, administration of a ward support and, based on civic voice, plan improvement of improvement, area of service and plan environment maintenance such as sports activity or local action and support social movement generally.  We aim at realization of city Yokohama with turnout that a certain fragrant vitality city Yokohama, person of culture gathers and interchanges and plan charm improvement of Yokohama by gathering the results of culture, sightseeing, MICE, creation city and develop measure to realize pulling in customers increase from home and abroad.  Commencing with severe economic conditions, we aim at realization of sustained development of Yokohama economy to support rich civic life in correspondence with change of social economic situation including globalization of economy and progress of low birthrate and aging.
Child and Youth Bureau Health and Social Welfare Bureau Medical Care Bureau
 We put the home in the field of vision with child so that children carrying tomorrow's Yokohama grow up with dream and hope in the future and develop measure, business with connection until blue boyhood chiefly since before having been born.

 Anyone aims at realization of structure to continue life in area that lived so long in peace, general by health, medical care, welfare measure; plan enhancement of all citizen's health promotion and welfare health services by carrying out integrally.

  We provide reliable community medicine that is most suitable to be able to live safely in Yokohama where citizen's all of you lived so long for the future.

Medical Care Bureau Hospital Administration Headquarters Environmental Planning Bureau  Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau
  We run municipal 3 hospital (municipal hospital, stroke, nerve backbone center, Yokohama city minato Red Cross Hospital) to provide medical care to be required to citizen's all of you.   We create city environment filled with ease, rest, moisture and promote environmental measure to support comfortable, safe civic life generally.  Aiming at construction of recycling society, we perform weight loss, recycling of refuse, measure about appropriate processing.
Housing and Architecture Bureau Urban Development Bureau Road and Highway Bureau 
 We promote plan, adjustment, instruction based on law integrally to utilize civic power positively, and to push forward town development appropriate for each area premeditatedly and promote the formation of good building assets of city.  For development to be balance of city, general by maintenance of city from imminent living environment to base; carry out premeditatedly.  We push forward the formation of road network supporting civic activity. In addition, we perform road maintenance management for safe road.
Port and Harbor Bureau Fire Bureau Water Works Bureau
 Toward port got close to to port, citizen whom it is easy to employ full of vitality, we perform management, administration of Yokohama Port, maintenance of the harbor facilities or invitation activity of ship, freight.  Commencing with activities such as fire extinguishing, help, first aid in fire and natural disaster, we wrestle to various crises quickly to realize town which citizen's all of you can live for in peace more safely.  We supply high quality water steadily by security to citizen's all of you and perform supply of water for industrial use.
Transportation Bureau Office of Accounting  
 We operate municipal subway (high-speed railway), municipal bus which are citizen's imminent means of transportation.   We summarize accountancy of Motoichi and perform examination, confirmation about adjustment and expenditure of financial statements, the receipt and disbursement, storage of cash, record of property, cash.   
Administrative committee and administrative committee
The Board of Education (the secretariat) Board of elections (the secretariat)
 We perform improvement of school education and health promotion, lifelong learning of elementary school student, student, protection of cultural assets, City Library administration, various consultation duties about education.  Other than the management execution of the government, local election, we perform publicity work of "bright election". In addition, we perform office work about request directly.
National Personnel Commission (the secretariat) Checkup committee (the secretariat)
 We perform adoption, promotion examination of the staff, advice of salary, fair examination such as protest, general research and plan planning about personnel affairs salary system.  We inspect gokisei of paperwork, securing of effectiveness as the principal objective and examine whether the government of city is formed based on main intent of local autonomy and carry out that we evaluate citizen satisfaction of object business generally as administrative inspection.
Agriculture committee Fixed assets evaluation screening committee
 As representative organization of scholar of agriculture, we perform use-related adjustment of farmland and promote various agriculture promotion measures.  About the price of land, building registered with fixed assets tax roll, we perform examination, decision of proposal of dissatisfaction from tax payer.
Legislative organ   
City Council Bureau (the secretariat)
 We are doing support for the active and smooth assembly deliberation of plenary session and each committee. In addition, we perform investigation necessary for assembly activity, collection of documents and hearing reception desk of plenary session, assembly public information, the acceptance of petition, petition from citizen.


Teacher employment examination, selection information

  • University graduate degree employment examination
  • High-school graduate degree, employment examination including license qualification
  • Member of society employment examination
  • Adoption selection for people with impaired body
  • Other employment examinations, selection
  • Examination, selection schedule conduct result
  • Acquisition method of examination guidance, brochure
  • Employment examination Q&A


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