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Job fair

We place information of various briefing sessions that Yokohama-shi performs.


Yokohama-shi employment seminar information

In Godo Kigyo, it is briefing session information

Briefing session information to universities

Employment information site where information of Yokohama-shi is placed in is this place!

●Love 2019 (external link)
Love job hunting 2019

●Rikunabi 2019 (external link)
Rikunabi 2019

●Mynavi 2019 (external link)

Mynavi 2019

Teacher employment examination, selection information

  • University graduate degree employment examination
  • High-school graduate degree, employment examination including license qualification
  • Member of society employment examination
  • Adoption selection for people with impaired body
  • Other employment examinations, selection
  • Examination, selection schedule conduct result
  • Acquisition method of examination guidance, brochure
  • Employment examination Q&A


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