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Yokohama-shi staff employment examination Mods days were decided in 2017!
We carry out Yokohama-shi staff (member of society) employment examination (technical precedent conduct frame) in 2017!
 We attached "participation vote" on visit to member of Yokohama-shi tech job spot society electron application service!
We carry out Yokohama-shi employment seminar in 2017!
 We participate in job hunting forum! (as for the details this)
 Universities participate in briefing session! (as for the details this)

◇To physical science students◇
... Yokohama (YOKOHAMA) X tech job (ENGINEER) ... (as for the details this)

National Personnel Commission: Brochure image
Staff adoption brochure
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Member of 2015 Yokohama-shi tech job adoption brochure
Member of tech job adoption brochure
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