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Examination, selection schedule, state of implementation

As for the schedule of 2018 Yokohama-shi staff employment examination, selection, it is as follows.

 As you vary according to the year, about examination, selection division carried out in each examination, selection, please confirm examination guidance distribution time later.

Press release document is this

Examination, selection
Examination guidance distribution
Application reception desk period
Mods, selection
The last examination
Announcement that we pass for the last time

University graduate degree
Employment examination
[technical precedent conduct frame]
Thursday, March 1
... 22nd (Thu)
Thursday, March 8
... Thursday, March 22
Sunday, April 22
Saturday, June 2
... 3rd (Sun)
Friday, June 15

University graduate degree
Employment examination
2017 conduct result
The middle of April
The middle of April
... beginning of May
Sunday, June 24
The end of July
... middle of August
From the beginning of August to the end

High-school graduate degree,
License qualification jobs
Employment examination
The beginning of July

From the middle of July to the end
Sunday, September 23
From the beginning of October to the end
From the beginning of November to the end

Member of society
Employment examination
From the beginning of November to the end
The beginning of December

※Other than these examinations, selection, we may raise as needed.

Teacher employment examination, selection information

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  • High-school graduate degree, employment examination including license qualification
  • Member of society employment examination
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